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Nobama Care

October 22, 2009 Kyle Francis 0

There is no sense in setting ourselves up for failure by creating a nationalized healthcare system. The United States already provides healthcare that is regarded […]

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Yes Obama Care

October 22, 2009 Jackie Simonson 0

As somewhat of a self-proclaimed political junkie, I have always taken a strong interest in all things government. I grew up with my family switching […]

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Almost Cinderella story

September 16, 2009 Kyle Francis 0

On September 5, Cinderella, dressed in purple and yellow, went to Butler University to play the Bulldogs of the Division I Horizon League. Unfortunately, the […]

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Try the new Pleiad

September 2, 2009 Kyle Gillis 4

Are you tired of reading two week old news? Do you find yourself frustrated trying to fold up large, floppy pages of paper? Are you […]

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A smart gamble

April 10, 2009 Kyle Francis 1

With the Michigan economy and unemployment rate on a downward spiral, the news of any business opening is good news, especially when that business is expected to make a significant impact on the job market.

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