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Internet news

April 10, 2009 Holly Setter 1

We’re stopping the presses. Yes, starting next year, the Pleiad is going to be published exclusively online.

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The few. The proud. The Britons.

April 3, 2009 Kyle Gillis 0

Despite reports, Albion’s smaller class size next year is not a result of budget cuts, poor PR or moldy residence hall buildings. The small class size is actually a result of a new recruiting campaign inspired by the United States Army old slogan: An Army of One.

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Corners cut

April 3, 2009 Kelsey Lauer 0

Earlier in the month, chaos reigned next to the Kellogg Center as flames shot into the air. The cause: the sudden ignition of an electrical fire that spread quickly throughout the Gerstacker International House.

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Albion’s bailout plan

April 3, 2009 MacKenzie Burger 0

In a statement released by the DDR last Tuesday, the presidential administration announced a $5,000,000.00 bailout plan for Albion College to cover the costs of needed expenses, including the implementation of flat screen TVs in Old Keller, art sculptures in the science complex and bicycles for the bike library.

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It may or may not be booze

April 3, 2009 Holly Setter 1

Bottoms up! Alcohol may be a growing problem on Albion’s campus.

It is rumored that a number of sorority women, who may or may not actually go to Albion, may have consumed alcohol in disproportionate amounts at their formal, and an unconfirmed number of Wesley RAs may or may not have been forced to resign due to alcohol violations.

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Author visits Albion

March 27, 2009 Alex Gyllstrom 0

Ander Monson, an award-winning creative, non-fiction, fiction, poetry and essay writer, recently visited Albion on his reading and book signing tour. While visiting, Monson read selections of his creative non-fiction work such as “The Essay Vanishes,” as well as various selections of poetry. Monson, who grew up in Houghton, Mich., now resides in Arizona with his wife, teaching at Arizona State University and continuing to write.

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Not such a bright idea

March 27, 2009 Lisa Hoehn 2

Looking at compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), it becomes clear that they are no ordinary lights. Unlike their old-school incandescent counterparts, they aren’t bulbous, but are instead tubular and sculpted into a swirl.

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