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Think inside the box

February 13, 2009 MacKenzie Burger 0

For John Lautenslager, owner of Lautenslage-Lipsey appliance store in downtown Albion, business has been good. In recent weeks, the business has experienced an increase in customers rushing to purchase analog-to-digital converter boxes to prepare for the upcoming digital transmission. Now, owners of analog TV sets have more time to prepare for the switch over.

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Coming to America

February 13, 2009 Lisa Hoehn 0

When Kieran Lynch, 18, of Dunfermline, Scotland, and Eoghann Stephens, 18, of Portsmouth, England sat in London’s Heathrow airport, they only knew two things about each other: they were about to embark into a year-long foreign exchange program somewhere in the United Sates, and they both had a love for basketball.

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