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Slang in Albion

April 22, 2010 Sandra Turay 0

Think you know what it means to stretch? Not in Albion! Check out this insider video on slang used in Albion. (It could save you […]

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Q & A with Hattie Lafayette

April 17, 2009 MacKenzie Burger 0

On March 28, Hattie Lafayette, Albion resident, celebrated her 112 birthday. Lafayette, born in 1897, is a supercentenarian, or someone who has lived past age 110. She is also verified as the 27th oldest person alive.

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A smart gamble

April 10, 2009 Kyle Francis 2

With the Michigan economy and unemployment rate on a downward spiral, the news of any business opening is good news, especially when that business is expected to make a significant impact on the job market.

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