Donate to the Pleiad

For 139 years, The Albion Pleiad has been the home of student voices at Albion College. To this day, The Pleiad continues to serve as the first draft of Albion College history, seeking to uplift student voices and the members of the community as a reliable source of local information. 

It is profoundly important that student-run publications – especially in today’s hostile media climate – be taken seriously. Their role on college campuses as publishers of student perspectives is essential. They hold their peers and the administration to a high standard of honesty and provide the campus with a crucial safety net. Journalism is an important public service, and it is a valuable resource for students to learn to interact with the world. 

Our staff has been lucky enough to have The Pleiad as an educational resource – a space to learn journalism skills – while making a tangible contribution to our college and community. With your support, we would be able to increase our access to skill-developing resources. We will be well-prepared to handle crises, celebrations and anything in between.  

With your support, The Pleiad can be an even better experience for Albion College students, and we can produce an even better product for you, our readers. 

Ways to Support: 

$25 funds one student’s annual membership to a professional organization

$35 funds one editor’s subscription to the AP Stylebook

$150 funds staff community-building resources for one semester

$250 funds a trip to an away game or a political event in Lansing

$500 funds the purchase a cutting-edge camera for use by the entire Pleiad staff

$1,000 funds a new, faster desktop computer to design print editions

$2,000 funds one student to attend a summer workshop or conference 

$4,000 funds the Pleiad speaker series on an annual basis


If you have questions or ideas about how to support the Pleiad, contact our leadership team at