2017 Oscar Predictions

January 27, 2017 Andrew Wittland 0

As another year has gone by, another fresh batch of cinematic revelations has sent moviegoers flocking to their nearest theatre to immerse themselves in Hollywood’s […]

Baldwin Goes Vegan

April 1, 2016 Andrew Wittland 1

After much discussion and speculation, the Baldwin Cafe at Albion College has developed a new contract with Bon Appetit management company in which all the […]

Picks With Ditzler

March 25, 2016 Andrew Wittland 0

March Madness. To many people, this is the holiday season of sports. Three weeks of matchups, brackets and, inevitably, upsets. While many Albion College students […]

Memories of Paris

November 18, 2015 Andrew Wittland 0

These past couple of days have sent a shockwave through the country of France. Three senseless acts of terrorism have deprived the world of 129 beautiful […]

Why the Briton?

October 16, 2015 Andrew Wittland 1

The next time you’re cheering on the football team at Sprankle-Sprandel Stadium or buying a piece of purple and gold attire at the bookstore, you […]

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