The Pleiad is Albion College’s award-winning student news publication. Articles are published online three times a week. Print editions are published three times a semester.


Steve Marowski — Editor-in-Chief

Beau Brockett Jr. — Managing Editor

Katie Boni — Features Editor

Morgan Garmo — Opinions Editor/Marketing Coordinator

Andrew Wittland — Sports Editor

Matt Hendrian — Copy Editor

Kellie Brown — Staff Writer

Gabby Henriksen — Staff Writer

Jordan Revenaugh — Staff Writer

Camille Roloff — Staff Writer/Photographer

Evan Rieth — Staff Writer

Lyssa Gonzalez — Staff Writer

Jessica Behrman — Staff Writer

Peach Norman Owen — Photographer

Kent Davis — Volunteer Writer

Sadhna Ramanathan — Volunteer Writer


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The Albion Pleiad staff strives to correct all errors of fact. If you’ve seen an error in our pages, let us know at pleiad@albion.edu. General comments should be posted in our comments section at the bottom of each article.


  1. I wish more years of the Pleiad archives could be digitized, so we could reminisce about those college days. I would especially like to convince my friends that I really was Chuck “Destroyer” Wilder. I’m now Charles the 5’5″, 53 year old, bald man (not exactly the destroyer type). If you happen to locate the article, I would be grateful for a copy. It was in the soccer sports report in 1975, probably in October.

  2. I see that your “archives” online go back only a few months. Do you still maintain the hard copy archives that the Pleiad used to maintain. I am in interested in the archives for the 1960s, particularly the 1963-1967 period. I might be attending this year’s homecoming and would appreciate gaining access to those hardcopy archives.

    I was chairman of the Publications Board, which used to appoint the editors. The historical importance of our board years is probably limited to our having appointed Richard Smith (then sports editor) to Editor in Chief. Smith later became Editor in Chief of Newsweek, etc.

    Very truly yours,

    Richard E.V. Harris

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