Photos: Metz Easter Egg Hunt Brings Out Student Participation

A hidden golden egg waiting to be found on the Easter egg hunt in the quad at 7:15 a.m. There were only a few golden eggs – with special prizes inside – to be found (Photo by Jake Ellsworth).

On March 28, in celebration of Easter, the Quad was littered with Easter eggs. Placed by Metz workers, eggs contained various items, such as jelly beans and fidget toys. Amongst the hidden eggs were a few golden ones containing a gift card for a free latte from the Grinds. By mid-afternoon, most of the eggs were found due to their open hiding spaces

Two members of the Pleiad who were adamant that they would “win” the unwinnable Easter egg hunt said they had a blast.

Ypsilanti senior Justin Johnson also participated in the egg hunt but said he wanted more information and publicity. 

“I feel like there could have been more specifics,” Johnson said of the Easter egg hunt.

Mongolia first-year Enkhnomin Nasanbayar said the egg hunt was “remarkable” to her. 

“In the morning I saw lots of them,” Nasanbayar said. “It was really funny because we don’t celebrate Easter in Mongolia.

Johnson proudly holds up the two golden eggs he found (Photo illustration by Jake Ellsworth).
Nasanbayar, right, poses with her friend during their hunt for eggs on their way to class (Photo illustration by Jake Ellsworth).
Two members of the Pleiad unknowingly walk past a golden egg. The golden eggs were placed in bushes and behind rocks (Photo by Jake Ellsworth).
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