Opinion: Pleiad Staff Spider-Man Thoughts and Recommendations

Features/Opinions Editor Juan G. Rodruiguez’s comic books stacked on top of each other, with issues of Spider-Man, Silk and Black Cat front and center. Spider-Man as a franchise, like the Pleiad, has been historically multimedia, across comics, TV-shows and namely, movies (Photo illustration by Bonnie Lord).

As staffers of the Pleiad, a multi-media news publication, it should come as no surprise that we are avid media consumers. We love all types of media, but Spider-Man, as a character and franchise, holds a special place in our hearts.

Below you will find a collection of Spider-Man opinions from members of our staff.

Bella Bakeman, Editor-in-Chief

Favorite Spider-Man movie: “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

As someone who is not super invested in Spider-Man’s storylines, this was a favorite of mine. Without spoiling too much, I love a crossover. I’m also – unfortunately – part of a very Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) forward family. Up until recently, I’ve been in a movie theater for almost every single MCU release, and this one was a favorite for all of us, so it’s gotta be the winner for me.

Worst Spider-Man movie: “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

I’m a huge Zendaya fan, so this hurts me to say, but what was the point of this movie? It’s basically a rom-com thrown into the MCU universe at random. If I’m expecting to see MCU-level action, I don’t want to see highschoolers falling in love. Sorry, not sorry.

Best Spider-Man: Miles Morales

I loved both of the animated Spider-Verse movies, but my dislike of animated superhero movies is why I couldn’t choose either as my favorite. So instead, I have to say that Miles Morales is my favorite iteration of Spider-Man. Shameik Moore kills the audio acting role, and the overall arc of Morales’ story line wins it for me.

Bonnie Lord, Managing Editor

Favorite Spider-Man movie: “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”

I remember watching this movie at the Bohm over the summer – and losing my mind the entire time. Every moment was such a pay-off, every character moment was a blast and there was more representation than ever before. This movie was the best kind of roller coaster – packed with realistic emotion, excellent comedic timing, fantastic music, revolutionary animation and genuinely staggering plot twists.

Watch. This. Movie.

Worst Spider-Man movie: Tobey Maguire’s 2002 “Spider-Man” 

Time to admit something – the only Spider-Man movie I’ve seen outside of the Spider-Verse series is the first in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man trilogy. Even with the nostalgia it brings to the table, it is easily the worst out of those I’ve seen – sorry Tobey, animation has you beat.

Best Spider-Man: Spider-Punk/Hobie Brown

Hobie Brown is one of the most anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, truly punk characters I’ve ever seen in film, let alone Spider-Man. He is hilarious, his art style is truly astonishing – did you know that it took the animation team three years to do that? Close runners-up are Miles Morales and of course, Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Woman from the same film series – all of these characters are unique, human, entertaining and share real chemistry together.

Juan G. Rodriguez, Opinions/Features Editor

Favorite Spider-Man movie: “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”

“Into The Spider-Verse” remains my all-time favorite Spidey film. It’s short enough to where it’s easily rewatched on any given day. Miles coming into his own as Spider-Man still leaves me floored to this day, after watching it 20-ish times. Besides the compelling story, it is a veritable ocular feast that reads like a love-letter to the medium of comic books; instead of being ashamed of where Spidey came from, “Into The Spider-Verse” celebrates the character’s history while simultaneously recognizing that, in a multiverse, anyone can wear the mask.

Worst Spider-Man movie: The Tom Holland Trilogy

I have no positive emotional attachment to this particular trilogy at the present. There was a time I enjoyed “Far From Home” — with enough time between then and now though, I just can’t help but feel it a mediocre film that does nothing anymore for me. I got the most I was gonna get out of that trilogy just based off of that film, and no promise of returning Spider-Men would be enough to lure me back in for “No Way Home.”

I don’t care for the new trilogy; I only wish to put as much distance between myself and it as is possible.

Best Spider-Man character: Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat

So, fun fact: Out in the Spider-Verse, there’s a version of Felicia Hardy that gets spider-powers from a mystical totem and goes by the name Night-Spider. It’s a take on one of my favorite characters – one I’ve been meaning to read for a while now, if only to see how the story regards Felicia as a character.

As of late, the stuff I’ve read hasn’t done much to explore who Felicia is, particularly outside of her relationship with Peter Parker. She’s always getting roped back into Peter’s stories by second-rate writers to spice up their mediocre work. These stories contribute nothing and only exacerbate the general perception of Felicia as Peter’s on-again, off-again fling. She doesn’t get the credit she deserves as a character, I feel it in my gut.

Felicia can carry a story on her own, I know so. I’ve seen the proof in Jed MacKay’s run on the “Black Cat” title. It’s a shame that the bar is literally two feet below the floor, but I’m still happy that MacKay’s run exists in the way that it does.

Felicia is a character that values her personal relationships and is willing to do what she has to in order to ensure her people’s well-being. As important as her relationship with Peter is, it’s not the only part of her life. People need to stop regarding it as such.

God, I’d love to read more of her from writers that treat women like actual f—ing people.

Naima Davenport, Part-Time Staff Writer

Favorite Spider-Man movie: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

I’m not too familiar with the Marvel comic books, so I could be wrong, but Miles Morales was the first time I saw someone who looked like me – or rather my brother – in big media that was positive and mainstream.

Worst Spider-Man Movie: “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

Honestly, this film was forgettable and didn’t really keep my attention. The action scenes were okay, but I think I really only enjoyed the part where Peter Parker was stuck in the warehouse. Overall not my favorite, but still a respectable movie.

Best Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Miles Morales, from “Into the Spider-Verse,” is my favorite. I love the animation so much; as an artist, it’s so cool to see how the colorful and energetic art style shapes the movie. And again, Miles Morales remains one of the most important examples of representation for me.

Phoebe Holm, Part-Time Staff Writer

Favorite Spider-Man movie: “The Amazing Spider-Man” with Andrew Garfield

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland, I think each of them brought a new light to both Peter Parker and Spider-Man that make them all memorable and well done movies. But I have a special place in my heart for Andrew Garfield — I feel like he had a good balance of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. He’s quiet and weird as Peter Parker and confident while he’s Spider-Man, it just feels like he is really focusing on making his persona as Spider-Man different to who he normally is. I also love how effortlessly sarcastic he is in both personas, and his progression as a hero is really great, you really get to see how he learns and overcomes certain obstacles.

Worst Spider-Man movie: There is no such thing as the worst Spider-Man movie, they are all amazing in their own respects.

Best Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man

Along with my favorite movie pick, I stand to believe that The Amazing Spider-Man, aka Andrew Garfield’s role, is the best. I don’t know much about his comic persona, but apparently the issues are very popular and well-written. Garfield makes you fall in love with this version of Spider-Man and Peter Parker, and his trilogy, especially the first one, sold him for me.

Seiji McSwain, Part-Time Staff Writer

Favorite Spider-Man movie: “Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse”

This movie is my favorite because Miles Morales has always been a great superhero for those with Afro-Latino backgrounds. This movie was animated perfectly, and gives a great representation of the character Miles Morales.

Worst Spider-Man movie: The worst Spider-Man movie is definitely “Spider-Man 3” with Tobey Maguire. This movie is so poorly written that it might only be comically good.

Best Spider-Man: Miles Morales

To pair with my favorite pick, my favorite Spider-Man is Miles Morales. Apart from his Afro-Latino representation, his powers bring so much more than just the regular web-slinging that is seen with other versions of Spider-Man.

Lizzy Kelley, Photographer

Favorite Spider-Man movie: “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

I really like this movie because it’s one of the first Spider-Man movies that brought me back to the series. I also really like the behind the scenes love between Tom Holland and Zendaya.

Worst Spider-Man movie: The worst Spider-Man movie is the second one with Tobey Maguire. The movie all together was just bad, the story line, bad and the acting, bad.

Best Spider-Man: Tom Holland 

I really like how consistent his acting has been, and I feel like he plays the part very well. Tom fits in as a young character, which I think is the best story line that the franchise has done.

Jocelyn Kincaid-Beal, Volunteer Staff Writer

Favorite Spider-Man movie: “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” is my favorite Spider-Man movie because I think it’s really exciting and fast-paced, and I love so many of the actors in it. It was so fun to watch in theaters when it came out, and seeing the three versions of Spider-Men interact just makes me happy.

Additionally, Zendaya throwing bread at Andrew Garfield is comedy gold, and I will always have a crush on Willem Dafoe.

Worst Spider-Man movie: “Spider-Man 2”

I would say the second Tobey Maguire Spider-Man is the worst because it’s the least memorable out of all the ones I’ve seen. Not enough Willem Dafoe, I say!

Best Spider-Man: Tom Holland

In my heart, I’ll always be a big MCU fan, so I’d have to say Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is my favorite. I think he plays Peter Parker very well, and when I think of Spider-Man, I always picture him. Plus, I love him and Zendaya together — their on-screen chemistry is so good!

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