Photos: CSE and AmeriCorps Host Thrift Fair, ‘Promoting Sustainability’

Thrift Fair attendees sift through tables of donated clothing in the KC’s living room. Held on Friday, everything sold at the CSE and AmeriCorps Thrift Fair was priced at $2 to promote affordable clothing (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).

On Friday, in an effort to promote sustainability, Albion College AmeriCorps and the Center for Sustainability and the Environment (CSE) hosted their annual thrift fair in the Kellogg Center (KC) living room. The thrift fair was also open on Saturday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. with clothing items sold for $2 each. 

The thrift fair is CSE and AmeriCorps Sustainability Intern and Jackson junior Alaina Shepardson’s project. At checkout, customers were given three choices of where they wanted the proceeds of their purchase to go: The CSE Green Fund, the Albion Community Garden or United Way.

Director of CSE Thomas Wilch said that giving options were expanded to give shoppers more choice in their donations.

The Green Fund, according to Wilch, is a part of the CSE gift fund account, which is set up to support sustainability class projects, as well as other student projects. 

Another cause students could donate to was the Albion Community Garden.

“The Albion Community Gardens give space for community members to garden and they also grow food that is freely distributed to the community. Proceeds will help to defray costs of this work,” Wilch said. 

In addition to the CSE Green Fund and Albion Community Garden, United Way was another option customers could donate to. According to the Albion-Homer United Way website, they “help make Albion and Homer stronger communities by improving education, financial stability and health.”

Jackson junior Anaka McCoy, who is also a member of AmeriCorps and CSE, helped set up the fair by sorting clothes and working the cash register. 

“For the thrift fair we got a bunch of clothes from the community that are wanted or needed by the people,” McCoy said. “Doing this cuts down on fast fashion and allows us to reuse the materials we have instead of making something new and creating more waste.” 

Holland senior Abbie Coleman and McCoy sit at the checkout table for the thrift fair. They greeted people as they entered the thrift fair and explained at checkout what organizations they could choose to direct the proceeds towards (Photo illustration by Lizzy Kelley).
Shoppers browse the tables set up in the Kellogg Center living room at the thrift fair. All the clothes provided were donated by people in the area (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).

A shopper looks through a bin of clothing put out at the beginning of the fair on Saturday. Putting out all the donated items on the last day allowed more options for people to go through and choose from (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).
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