Photos: Basketball Teams Lead SAAC Event, Learning the Basics

From left to right: Houghton first-year Megan Trewhella and Lake Odessa junior Anja Kelley teach two players at the basketball SAAC event, held on Saturday in the Dow, how to dribble with their non-dominant hand. Teaching this early allowed for Trewhella and Kelley to later teach the players to dribble between both hands (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).

Coming off of their spring season, Albion Men’s and Women’s Basketball teamed up on Saturday to host a Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) event for kids aged 4-13. The SAAC event was set up and organized by SAAC representative and Ann Arbor senior Marco Lucchesi, who said the event was set up to teach the fundamentals of basketball and allow for outreach from the college to the community. 

Taking place in the multipurpose room of the Dow Recreation and Wellness Center, the clinic had eight different hoops set up to use for different skill stations. The groups were decided by grade, with each group progressing throughout the clinic to each station, Lucchesi said. In addition to Saturday’s event, SAAC will be hosting five more clinics this semester based on different sports.

“We are teaching all fundamental basketball skills like layups, shooting, ball handling and defense,” Lucchesi said. “Overall, the main thing is to make sure the kids have a good time and have fun.”

Oxford sophomore Bryce Esman plays a game of knock-out with players. Knock-out is something that both college basketball players and SAAC players can play together (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).
Men’s basketball Head Coach Jody May addresses players at the beginning of the SAAC event (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).
An Albion women’s basketball player works on dribbling skills with two players at one of the stations during Saturday’s event (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).
Albion basketball players and SAAC players warm up at the beginning of the event by running (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).
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  1. Love the team sportsmanship with the junior athletes. So impressed with the wonderful photos by Lizzy Kelley. Way to give time with such impressive student athletes.

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