Comic: The Weight of Womanhood

A feminine figure holds her arms outstretched to her sides, holding up chains with items representing a woman’s daily struggles. Many women struggle with unfair wages, workplace discrimination, healthcare inequalities, sexual harassment, assault and violence. Societies’ implementation of beauty and social standards can be unrealistic and are harshly directed at women; unrealistic expectations of appearance and body shape; the way we must act and obey. Traditional gender roles make it difficult to balance work life and home life, forcing women to choose between being a stay-at-home mother or a career-focused individual; which most of the time is unrealistic, and the list of struggles goes on… (Illustration by Phoebe Holm).
About Phoebe Holm 19 Articles
Phoebe Holm is a junior from Boyne City, Michigan and a psychology major at Albion College. She is interested in understanding the human mind, writing about things that make her passionate and creating art. You can always find her listening to music and watching movies. Contact Phoebe via email at

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