Photos: KD Philanthropy Fundraiser Helps Girl Scouts Sell Cookies

Girl Scout troop members smile with KD sorority sisters in the KC. The Girl Scouts sold cookies, including Adventurefuls, Lemon-Ups, Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos, Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Toffee-Tastics and Girl Scout S’Mores (Photo illustration by Heidi Faramelli).

On Monday, sorority Kappa Delta (KD) helped Girl Scout troop number 80197 sell cookies in the Kellogg Center. The cookies were sold for $6 per box, proceeds that Vice President of Events and Programming for KD and Garden City junior Abby Meade said are directed to the Girl Scouts.

“For the Girl Scouts, we actually don’t get any profit; we don’t raise any money for ourselves at all,” Meade said. “All of the money that we raise goes to the Girl Scouts.”

Meade added that the Girl Scout event is a part of KD’s larger philanthropic endeavors, all of which involve lifting up women, empowering young women and enhancing their confidence. Besides help with selling cookies, this includes running badge workshops with the troop.

Linnae Kendall has been the troop leader of troop 80197 for three years, and before that, she was the leader of her other daughter’s troop for around four years. Kendall was a Girl Scout for 10 years, as were several of her family members before her.

“It’s kind of been a family tradition,” Kendall said. “My daughters are both Girl Scouts, I was a Girl Scout, my mom was a Girl Scout, my grandma was a Girl Scout.”

Kendall said that in March, which is Women’s History Month, her troop also celebrates Girl Scouts’ birthday, adding that they celebrate “women, scouting and the history of Girl Scouts.”

Kendall also shared her favorite part about being involved with the Girl Scouts.

“I love seeing their energy and their spirits,” Kendall said.

Meade said that KD celebrates Women’s History Month and women in general through a variety of events.

“One of the other things we do is an International Women’s Friendship Month brunch, ” Meade said. “We’re very big on lifelong friendships and supporting women.”

KD sorority member and Dearborn junior Adriana Viscomi said sisterhood is one of the values that the sorority holds.

“In terms of Kappa Delta, we really value building each other up in terms of female friendship, and that’s a huge part of our sisterhood and why we all find a need to join a sisterhood that values and focuses on that aspect,” Viscomi said. “Especially in our lives as college women, a lot of things are going on; maybe we need people to rely on or just talk to about things.”

Viscomi said she is also a former Girl Scout, adding that she enjoys the connection and mentor mentality that she has with the Girl Scouts while she is in KD.

“We’re also having them for more workshops; we’re doing cookies with them right now, and we’re doing an SVB event next week where we’re doing ‘I am’ and ‘you are’ phrases to build up their confidence,” Viscomi said.

Viscomi and Meade both shared their favorite Girl Scout cookie flavors.

“I am a Thin Mint and Samoa gal,” Viscomi said. “I always have been, and I’m really excited that I got to buy them today, too!”

“My favorite cookie is Samoas,” Meade said. “Because you can’t get an off-brand Samoa that tastes as good, but you can get off brand Thin Mints that are fine.”

Sorority sisters and students weren’t the only people who purchased Girl Scout cookies on Monday. Metz employee Deborah Squaire also purchased a few boxes.

“I got peanut butter, Thin Mints, I got S’mores and two other kinds that were new to me,” Squaire said.

Girl Scouts and the Troop Leader Linnae Kendall talk to and collect money from a customer. The customer picks a box of Thin Mints, a favorite cookie of many buyers (Photo by Heidi Faramelli).
The line to buy Girl Scout cookies extends to the entrance doors of the KC. The amount of cookies available to buy declined throughout the day, but order forms were available to ship cookies at a later date (Photo by Heidi Faramelli).
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