Photos: Campus Footwear in the Midst of Winter

A group of students show off their winter footwear choices outside of Vulgamore Hall. The options range from rain boots to Ugg Tasman Slippers (Photo illustration by Katherine Simpkins).

Each winter, students, faculty and staff adorn various articles of clothing on the trek through Michigan weather around campus. Whether driving, walking or even biking, people will make the journey to campus despite the conditions. However, the footwear that facilitates the journey can be surprising.

Each choice of footwear is a visual testament to practicality and personal style in the face of snow, ice, rain and recently, mud. From classic snow boots to cheetah print sneakers and red bedazzled high tops, faculty, staff and students showcase an array of winter shoes.

Professor of African History, Dr. Abigail Meert, sports red bedazzled high-top sneakers during her early afternoon class (Photo illustration by Katherine Simpkins).

Despite the challenging muddy conditions and ongoing construction on campus, style remains evident; Dr. Meert’s footwear looks well-maintained through it all. 

“I only wear these indoors; they aren’t worn outside, these are just for class,” Meert said.

Marionna Godfrey Jackson, a first-year from Chicago, wears Moon Boot Icon Nylon shoes in the library. “The boots are not just good for snow in my hometown but also very fashionable,” Jackson said (Photo illustration by Katherine Simpkins).
Derrell Murray, Eastpointe senior, wearing tie-dye Crocs decorated in jibbitz outside of Robinson Hall. Murray said he chose these to wear to class because he “was too lazy to put on real shoes” (Photo illustration by Katherine Simpkins).
KJ Brown, Chicago first-year, wears Yeezy Foam Runners as he walks to the Kellogg Center. Brown said that he wore them because “they match the outfit and were the easiest to put on” (Photo illustration by Katherine Simpkins).
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