Photos: Albion Lacrosse Teams Kick off Spring Sports at Home

Attack and midfield player no. 32 Andrew Miller, Toledo junior, jumps in the air, attempting to score a goal on Denison College’s goalie. In the second quarter, Miller's goal tied the game at 6-6, keeping the team pushing to outshoot Denison's players (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).

As the weather starts to warm up, spring sports at Albion College begin. On Saturday, women’s lacrosse played their first game of the season, followed by the men’s second of the season later that day; both on the Alumni Field just south of campus.

No. 23 midfielder Fabrizio Raciti, Romeo junior, protects the ball from being hit out of his lacrosse stick by a Denison player. Protecting the ball allowed Albion to keep possession and continue working it towards the goal (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).

Men’s Lacrosse: 

Going into the game, the Albion Men’s Lacrosse team was coming off a high following their first win against Otterbein University. The men’s game kicked off at 3 p.m. against Denison College. Halfway through the first quarter, midfielder and DeWitt senior Brock Yabs scored the first point for Albion.

“I thought this game the guys came out and battled really hard,” Yabs said. “We kept our minds in the right place, allowing us to continuously put pressure on the other team.”

During the first quarter, Albion worked to keep the scoreboard even, eventually taking the lead. Going into the second half of the game though, Albion was trailing behind in points. Nevertheless, the team kept working hard to get those points back.

Albion ended the game with a 14-11 loss, but Yabs said the experience gave the team aspects to focus on for the next game.

“I’m really proud of how our guys performed, however, our guys know it’s early in the season and there is always room for improvement,” Yabs said.

Two Albion lacrosse players pass the ball trying to get around Denison’s defenders. Working together and passing between players allowed Albion to score 11 goals throughout the game (Photos by Lizzy Kelley).
No. 3 Hayla-Lyn Gilly, Norridge, Ill. sophomore, faces off against an Aquinas College player. Attackers begin the game with a face-off, which determines who gets possession of the ball depending on who can tip it off to their team’s players (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).

Women’s Lacrosse:

On Saturday, Albion College’s Women’s Lacrosse team played against Aquinas College. Shots were fired early in the first quarter, resulting in the first goal of the season by midfielder and Farmington Hills junior Kellie Flynn.

“Scoring the first goal of the season was a really great feeling,” Flynn said. “I believe that it gave the team a drive to continue with high energy.”

By halftime, Albion was up 3-1 and continued pressing for more goals through the second half. By the end of the fourth quarter, the Brits led 14-13, bringing home their first win of the season. This was the first win for newly promoted Head Coach Emily DiRado and new Assistant Coach Natalia Catanzarite.

No. 4 defensive and midfield player Darby Conerly, a first-year from Fredericksburg, Va., runs the ball up the field toward the Aquinas goalie. This was Conerly’s first game playing along with her fellow Brits (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).
Defender and Lake Orion junior, no. 21 Julia Ames, works the ball away from Albion’s goal as she looks to pass the ball out. Working the ball away from the goal allowed the Brits to keep Aquinas players from scoring (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).
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