Opinion: Pleiad Staff Girl Scout Cookie Tastes

From left to right, boxes of Trefoils, Toffee-Tastics, Thin Mints, Lemon-Ups, Do-Si-Dos and Tagalongs on a table to be sold by Girl Scout troop 80197. The troop sold these cookies in the Kellogg Center on Feb. 19 (Photo by Heidi Faramelli).

On Feb. 19 , Girl Scout troop number 80197 sold Girl Scout cookies on the first floor of the Kellogg Center, joined by sorority Kappa Delta.

Almost everyone, including the Pleiad staff, has a soft spot for these iconic treats. So, which are the best Girl Scout cookies, and perhaps more importantly, which are the worst?

Below you will find a collection of Girl Scout cookie opinions from members of our staff.

Bella Bakeman, Editor-in-Chief

The Best – Adventurefulls: Although I only reached the “brownie” level and cannot claim Girl Scout cookie expertise, I have certainly eaten my fair share of Girl Scout cookies. I started as a Thin Mint lover – but have recognized as I’ve aged that peanut butter is a much better chocolate combo than mint. Tagalongs are my second favorite, but Adventurefulls are the new, shiny object that holds my affection. They are the perfect hard-to-soft ratio, have a creamy caramel center and a nice balance of chocolate and salt.

The Worst – Samoas: I know I’m going to be crucified for this, but I’ll die on this hill. I hate anything with coconut, it’s such an unpleasant flavor; these are the worst. Sorry, not sorry.

Bonnie Lord, Managing Editor

The Best – Thank You Berry Munch: As a past Girl Scout for 13 years, I have special authority here. Thank You Berry Munch was a cranberry-chocolate chip cookie – and it was delicious. The bitter dark chocolate and the sour cranberry in a medium of sweet, crumbly cookie – so, so good.

Sometimes Girl Scouts will try a new cookie when one isn’t selling as well as the others – and Thank You Berry Munch only had about a year in the spotlight before it was discontinued. You were the best of them all, Thank You Berry Much.

The Worst – Tagalongs: Every Girl Scout cookie has its applications — some are great on ice cream, some are great on their own and some are best when consumed in the largest amount possible, as fast as possible.

Tagalongs aren’t good in any of these contexts – and dare I say, any context. Yes, it’s a Girl Scout cookie, so it’s better than nothing. But why does a chocolate peanut butter cookie have to be so bland, come in such small amounts per box and have such terrible chocolate? The chocolate truly is the worst part of this cookie, and it’s the main element – it’s a no from me.

Juan G. Rodriguez, Features/Opinions Editor

The Best – Tagalongs: It’s been a while since I had any Girl Scout cookies. To this day though, I salivate at the thought of tagalongs.

Something about the texture of the cookies, the smooth chocolate exterior getting mixed in with the peanut butter interior makes them more of an absolute delicacy that I can’t get enough of. It’s a Kit Kat and Butterfinger hybrid in cookie form, a combination of my two favorite chocolates. I spent so much of my money in high school buying boxes of Tagalongs from my AP history teacher, and I regret absolutely none of it.

The Worst – Thin Mints: Hear me out, though! It’s not the cookie specifically I dislike; I just don’t like mint in my foods, period. I can’t stand how it leaves my mouth cold, especially when I’m eating something warm or room temperature. I avoid mint at all costs, and Thin Mints have been caught in the midst of that.

Killian Altayeb, News/Sports Editor

The Best – Thin Mints: Although I’m a fan of all things sweet, Thin Mints have always held a special spot in my heart; no matter how many new flavors they come out with, a classic Thin Mint always wins out!

It’s my favorite for a variety of reasons. For instance, it’s the only cookie you can eat from the pantry or fridge. Furthermore, it blends a sharp mint flavor with chocolate in a way that no other cookie can accomplish. Thin Mints have been around forever, for good reason!

The Worst – Lemon-Ups: I sincerely think Lemon-Ups should be Lemon-put down. They’re not only reminiscent of cleaning supplies, but biting into one feels like biting into sawdust. Lemon-Ups also have a coloring to them reminiscent of a traffic sign. If I wanted a crispy and light cookie, I’d just eat a Ritz cracker and call it a day.

It’s difficult to contain lemon flavoring in a cookie perfectly, but the Girl Scouts took the challenge of failing as hard as possible and ran with it.

Katherine Simpkins, Media Editor, Co-Marketing Coordinator

The Best – Samoas: I hate coconut with a burning passion; coconut flakes are basically just crunchy dirt. However, Somaos are top-freaking notch.

They are my favorites because they have just the right amount of cookie, caramel, chocolate and yes, coconut. What could be better than that? Definitely not the Adventurefuls. Let my hatred of coconut but love for these cookies show you how good they are. Run to your nearest Girl Scout cookie stand as soon as possible.

The Worst – Tagalongs: I know this is a hot take, but the peanut butter and chocolate combo is so overrated, more so than Taylor Swift. And don’t worry, I hate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups too. The cookies are just too rich and with me already disliking Reese’s, you definitely won’t find me eating Tagalongs anytime soon, if ever. I will die on this hill.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Hannah Fathman, Co-Marketing Coordinator

The Best – S’mores or Lemon-Ups: S’mores are so on-theme for a Girl Scout cookie. You want to talk about campy? You can’t go wrong with the classic S’more. And really, you can’t go wrong with lemon either, and Lemon-Ups are a sour treat with a sweet message.

The Worst – Adventurefuls: Honestly, I can’t really choose a worst flavor, but Adventurefuls just look like they’d be disappointing.

Phoebe Holm, Part-time Staff Writer

The Best – Lemonades: Anything lemon-flavored is superior. If something is lemon-flavored it becomes an instant favorite of mine. This shortbread cookie with lemon frosting is the perfect amount of lemon flavor that doesn’t overpower, and will make you want to eat the whole box. Even if you aren’t a lemon lover, I guarantee you will find love for the lemonades.

The Worst – Samoas: This pick may be a little bit controversial. They would be good if the coconut shavings didn’t overpower in flavor.

Naima Davenport, Part-time Staff Writer

The Best – Trefoils: I love shortbread, it reminds me of scones. They have a little crunch after a while, but I don’t mind it!

The Worst – ‘Anything and Everything Lemon:’  Lemon flavored anything is just crazy to me. I don’t think it agrees with me very well.

Lizzy Kelley, Full-time Staff Photographer

The Best – Tagalongs: It’s my favorite because you get a little bit of sweet and savory with the chocolate and peanut butter combo.

The Worst – Trefoils: Personally I feel like they taste stale, even when fresh out of the box. They’re the original flavor, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best.

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