Photos: What Do Your Computer Stickers Say About You?

Lincoln Park sophomore Susanna Doss poses with her laptop adorned with different stickers. The stickers “also allow me to stop and see, ‘oh there's something I have in common with that person,’” Doss said (Photo illustration by Phoebe Holm).

When you walk around Albion College, you might notice a plethora of stickers lining the backs of students’ computers, tablets and other devices. One goal many students share is to achieve the art of a perfectly curated laptop sticker display at some point in their academic careers. 

Enkhnomin Nasanbayar, a first-year from Mongolia, said she uses her laptop stickers as a way to express her personality.

“You can see me through them. I skateboard, I play frisbee and I like to recycle,” Nasanbayar said. “You can see anyone’s personality through their computer.”

Lincoln Park sophomore Susanna Doss said she uses her laptop stickers as a way to show people what she believes in.

“A majority of these are either places I have been or causes I believe in, one of them is there for giving blood for the Red Cross; I do that every few weeks,” Doss said. “I have stamps on here because the postal service is really important to me.”

Enkhnomin Nasanbayar, a first-year from Mongolia, displays her laptop stickers on the Library’s Bridge. Nasanbayar said her stickers highlight one of her favorite hobbies: Skateboarding (Photo illustration by Phoebe Holm).
Alexander Christian, Dallas sophomore, holds up his computer showing the handful of stickers plastered on the front. Christian says his stickers represent memorable moments he’s had and a few of the campus groups he is a part of (Photo illustration by Phoebe Holm).
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