Photos: Students for Reproductive Justice Hold Annual Sexual Wellness Fair

In an alternative game to pin the tail on the donkey, “Pin the Dick on the Dick,” photos of Republican politicians like Governor Greg Abbott and Senator Mitch McConell with cartoon penises plastered on their faces. President of the Albion College Democrats and Lansing senior Sheridan Leinenbach said the goal was for students to blindfold themselves and pin a cutout of a penis onto an anti-abortion politician’s picture (Photo by Phoebe Holm).

On Thursday in the Science Center’s atrium, Albion College’s Students for Reproductive Justice (SRJ) held their annual sexual wellness fair. Activities included games like Menstrual Cup Pong, Pin the Dick on the Dick, Sperm Toss, Dildo Ring Toss, drinking specially curated mocktails with penis straws and attending various organizations’ tables giving information about sexual health and safety. 

On and off-campus resources co-sponsored and attended the event, including Planned Parenthood Clinics and Advocates, Sexual Assault Services of Battle Creek, the Calhoun County Health Department, Anna Howard Shaw Center for Gender Equity, Diversability, the Earth and Environment Club, Albion College Democrats, WGSS Committee, Active Minds and AC Drip.

The collection of prizes students could win by entering a raffle, including shirts and bags with reproductive justice slogans, pride socks, uterus plushie keychains, decks of cards and penis and vulva mugs (Photo by Phoebe Holm).

President of SRJ and Iron Mountain senior Mo Hernandez said that the sexual wellness fair is their “largest (event) of the year, and the purpose is to allow both on and off-campus clubs and organizations to come together and show students the access they have to resources.”

“The goal of the event is to make sexual health fun,” Hernandez said. “As a group, our goal is to inform students about reproductive health and why it matters, as well as how it bleeds into other parts of your life.”

The fair featured several booths that provided educational tools, safe sex materials and free items such as pins, stickers, condoms, dental dams and more. Each booth had members who talked about the importance of accessible contraception and safe sex practices through games and pamphlets.

A representative from Planned Parenthood of Michigan, Ellie Grossman, poses at her table decorated with various pamphlets, pins and contraception products including condoms and condom cases. Grossman gave out information on the organization’s resources (Photo by Phoebe Holm).

Ellie Grossman, a representative from Kalamazoo’s Planned Parenthood health center, said they were at the fair to bring attention to the location.

“We know there’s not a Planned Parenthood clinic in Albion so we definitely wanted to make the trip out here so students are aware we are close by,” Grossman said.

Director of the Anna Howard Shaw Center for Gender Equity and Victim Advocacy Mikayla Campbell had students participate in a game highlighting the importance of using protection with multiple sexual partners to help avoid the contraction and spreading of sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs). Each individual had three different colors of construction paper, representing common STIs such as herpes and chlamydia. Students then exchanged pairs of these papers three to four times, to show how quickly and easily these illnesses can spread.

The Anna Howard Shaw Center for Gender Equity’s booth adorned with glass bowls of torn-up pieces of construction paper, condoms and plaques for a sexual wellness game and survey. Campbell used these different-colored pieces of construction paper to represent different types of STIs and how easily they can be spread through unprotected sex (Photo by Phoebe Holm).

The Calhoun County Health Department Clinic table was hosted by Nurse Practitioner Michelle Thorne and Program Support Specialist Andrea Aguilar, who provided information about the Albion clinic’s services. Located just behind the Bohm Theater, the clinic provides services for HIV and STIs, family planning, pap smears, birth control access, pregnancy tests, immunizations and more. 

A booth with three different reproductive justice-themed mocktails available to attendees that came garnished with penis straws. A popular favorite was the “Pink P*ssy Punch” which was available for students to sip on while they walked from booth to booth (Photo by Phoebe Holm).
A trifold for the Earth and Environment Club with information for students on a number of sustainable alternatives for menstrual products, safe sex materials and information on how certain practices affect sexual health (Photo by Phoebe Holm).
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