Photos: Get to Know the Horses at Albion’s Equestrian Center

Wally, a four-year-old male horse from the western side of the barn, sticks his head through the stable door. Members of the equestrian team say that Wally has a “baby brain” and needs more of an experienced rider because he is new to the barn and learning his way around (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).

Just a little ways past the south end of Albion’s campus lives the herd of the Albion College Equestrian Center. 

The horses are housed on two sides of the stables according to the two equestrian teams, western and hunt seat. Bryn Osborne, a sophomore from East Peoria, Ill. rides with the western team. 

“We have a lot of different horses of different ages at the barn,” Osborne said. “They all have their own silly personalities.”

Lucia Scouten and Toledo sophomore said horses’ personalities affect “how you bond and work with the horses.”

The Equestrian Center is open to the public, as there are stables for community members to board their horses. People can also call and make appointments to visit, or sign up for lessons with the horses. 

According to the Albion College Equestrian website, “Over 40 horses, ranging from Quarter Horses reiners to warmblood jumpers and dressage horses make up the backbone of the lesson program and the varsity equestrian team.”

Monti stands next to the bars waiting to get pet. Monti is “a sweet boy who just wants to be loved on,” said Osborne (Photo by Lizzy Kelley). 
Hollywood, a paint horse from the western side of the barn, stands in his stall. Osborne said one of Hollywood’s favorite activities is to sharpen his teeth on the barn stall bars (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).
Chaucer, a hunt seat horse, gets his daily shower from Scouten. “When being ridden, Chaucer tends to walk sideways rather than straight forward,” said Scouten (Photo by Lizzy Kelley). 
The hunt seat side of the Albion College Equestrian Center. After Saturday’s show, the barn was cleaned and restored to its original state (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).

Corrections – 9:20 p.m. Friday Nov. 10: Clarifications were made to facts about Osborne’s home state, Wally and Chaucer’s names, facts about Monti and a quote was paraphrased for accuracy.

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  1. Informative read. Definitely have to take a visit to the equestrian to see the beautiful horses.
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