Photos: Bobbitt Visual Arts Hosts Julia Betts’ ‘Contain and Release’

“The Dams are Broken” by Julia Betts. The piece – one of three featured -- is made out of acrylic paint, plywood and rubber (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).

On Nov. 6, the Bobbitt Visual Arts Center opened their newest exhibition, featuring art from Philip C. Curtis Artist in Residence Julia Betts.

Curated by Rana Hawais, a senior from Jackson, the exhibit is open through Dec. 2 and all are welcome. 

On Friday, Betts officially opened her exhibition with a gallery talk.

“My pieces use everyday objects as source material,” Betts said. “These objects are meant to be sergets for the body, how the everyday objects in life can represent you and the memories you have over time.” 

To find when the exhibits are open, check the gallery hours on Albion College’s website.

Betts’s piece, “The Floor is a Door,” shows different objects from everyday life deconstructed as they head towards the floor, then come back together. “In this one, the objects are broken out as they go down the wall, and then go back into their containers at the bottom,” Betts said (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).
In a piece titled “2015-2017,” six plaster blocks smeared with distinct colors sit in the Munro Gallery, encased with different belongings. “The blocks act as permanent time capsules for these everyday objects” Betts said (Photo by Lizzy Kelley).
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