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The first scene in the intro song for television show “Gilmore Girls” is played on screen, above it is a sign that reads “Stars Hollow 1779” which is the town the show takes place in. “Gilmore girls” is Berkley junior Bella Bakeman’s favorite show to binge watch at the beginning of fall (Photo illustration by Bella Bakeman).

As staffers of the Pleiad, a multi-media news publication, it should come as no surprise that we are avid media consumers. We love all types of media and television shows are no exception.

Below you will find a collection of television show recommendations from members of our staff.

Bella Bakeman, Editor-in-Chief 

My favorite show right now is “Everything Now” because of the way it portrays and represents the queer community. The show follows a girl as she navigates her life post-hospital. When she gets back to her normal life, she realizes that a lot has changed and thinks she must catch up. She makes a bucket list and decides she must do everything on it, well, now. On her way to finishing her list, she struggles with her omnipresent eating disorder, problems with family, friendship drama, discovering her queerness and ultimately learning how to love herself again. It is heartbreaking, raw and real. It deserves every single stream it gets.

My favorite show of all time is probably “Ted Lasso” because I think it’s pretty close to perfect television. It follows the titular character as he goes on a journey to coach a UK football team, as an American football coach. The show has comedy, dynamic characters and is ultimately such a joy to watch. I’d recommend “Ted Lasso” to literally anyone, no matter their genre preference or age because it is a show that teaches you how to believe.

My most binged show is “Gilmore girls” and is my favorite show to binge watch. It follows the story of a mother and daughter as they go through life in a small town. What makes “Gilmore Girls” special is the relationship between Lorelai and Rory. But honestly, I think what keeps me coming back is the overall vibe of the show. The town they live in, Stars Hollow, is the magical realm of my dreams, filled with dynamic characters. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen the show; I’ve probably seen certain episodes over 100 times. For me, watching “Gilmore Girls” feels like home.

Bonnie Lord, Managing Editor

My favorite show right now is “Downton Abbey” because like everyone who’s seen this show, I’m completely wrapped up in the drama of this post-Edwardian era family — what can I say? It’s addictive. The real highlight of this show is watching it with my family on the rare occasion I’m home – seems like we average about a season a year at this point — simply because reacting to the events of this series is much more fun when you have a group of people to be politely flabbergasted and overly invested in it with.

My favorite show of all time is “Jem and the Holograms (1985) because this show is truly, truly, truly outrageous. Insane plot points, borderline-insane villains, actually catchy songs and bizarre dialogue make this a blast every time I watch it. Why would you want to watch “The Office” for the millionth time when you could watch four women with enormous, technicolor hair-dos sing to end world hunger? Or run from the remains of the orphanage they run, after their rivals burn it down? Like I said, insane. 

My most binged show is: “Bob’s Burgers” because this show is just so comforting – the characters, the songs, the jokes, the morals. I’ve been watching (and re-watching) this show since it came out in 2011, and it never fails to make me feel like I’m home again. Not to mention, for an adult animated show, it’s one of the most broadly appealing, digestible (pun intended) and genuinely funny options out there.

Juan Rodriguez, Opinions Editor

My favorite show right now is “Moon Knight,” the Disney+ adaptation of the Marvel Comics character of the same name. A blend of different eras of the character, “Moon Knight” is fundamentally a story about a man coming to terms with himself, his other alters and his past. It’s such a distinct version of the character that serves as a good way to get people’s attention on the character; the show touches on things just enough to give the audience a taste of what Moon Knight across various comic runs is like. 

My favorite show of all time is “Community,” specifically the first three seasons. It’s not perfect, by any means; Dan Harmon’s cynicism bleeds into it way too much at times. In other moments though, it’s incredibly heartfelt. It’s the story of seven misfits who are the absolute worst in their own ways, and yet they bond together to become something else. It’s the story of people trying to fix their lives and be better, even if tv tropes demand that they remain stagnant.

That and it has the best autistic representation I have ever seen in the form of Danny Pudi’s character, Abed Nadir (my beloved). As someone on the spectrum, it just meant a lot seeing a character like him be treated like a person; his friends appreciate him, but they don’t infantalize him or treat him like he’s not deserving of criticism. Abed’s allowed to be himself; no one needs to fix him. Any change made happens because he chooses to pursue it.

My favorite show to binge is “Supernatural.” When you have a show that’s 15 seasons long and most of those seasons run for about 20-23 episodes, there’s going to be a lot of stuff to watch. “Supernatural” is very much something to experience with friends. Focusing on brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, the show follows the two as they cross the United States saving people and hunting things; the family business. They do all of this in a 1967 Chevy Impala while blasting classic rock. The show is very much a “monster-of-the-week” type with a handful of episodes devoted to building up the main threat for a given season. 

It’s a fever dream. Be prepared for anything. 

Katherine Simpkins, Media Editor

My favorite show right now is “All Rise” a show that follows a newly-appointed judge and the innerworkings of the courthouse/room. It also shows the lives of lawyers the way cases are handled and the challenges faced daily. The show highlights the flaws in the justice system as well as the efforts being made to help the community. I love the passion of the show. 

My favorite show of all time is “The Bold Type” a show that follows three friends in New York City who are all part of a magazine publication in different roles. Jane – the lead of the show – is a writer for Scarlet Magazine, Kat a well-written queer character – is the social media director and Sutton – my favorite – is the accountant-assistant-turned-fashionista who helps style models for the magazine. This show is heavily feminine and shows strong lead actresses with men being the background characters. I also love how the show highlights so many different scenarios that can seem scary and that great friends, who are actually like family, can help you through anything. I highly recommend anyone looking for a women-centered, journalism/fashion/queer relationships show to watch it on Hulu. 

(Bakeman seconds this recommendation).

My favorite show to binge is “The Ranch.” I fell in love with this Netflix hit back in my first year of college and have rewatched it MANY times. The show follows a rejected pro-football player and his ranchin’ family in Colorado. The comical aspect helps cut through the very serious and real struggles of a male-dominated family and the challenges encountered on a cattle ranch: Drought, wildfires, money, love and death. This show is a comfort of mine, one I will always look to when I need a pick-me-up.  

Seiji McSwain, Volunteer Writer

My favorite show right now is “Snowfall,”  a great television show that creates suspense and has great dramatic scenes.

My favorite show to binge is “Good Luck Charlie,” which hits the perfect spot for nostalgia.

Jocelyn Kincaid-Beal, Volunteer Writer

My favorite show of all time is “Veronica Mars,” an early 2000s drama starring Kristen Bell as witty teenage private eye Veronica Mars. Veronica’s confidence, snark and stand-offish nature make her an unusually good representation of a high-school misfit. I still think about the show’s compelling characters and haunting mysteries years after my last rewatch. 

Isaiah May, Volunteer Writer

My favorite show right now is “Friends” I’ve been rewatching because I currently don’t have a show to watch. It’s one of my all time favorites, one that makes me laugh and feel comfortable at the same time.

My favorite show to binge is “The Office” it’s my favorite to binge because it’s my favorite show of all time. Easy watch and entertaining always.

My favorite show of all time is also, “The Office.”  This is my all time favorite show. It’s a show I can watch and laugh to any day of the week. And it’s one I can watch while doing something because I know what’s happening even if I don’t look at the my TV.

Other recommendations from May: New Girl, Parks and Rec and Modern Family for more easy, funny, shows. Watch Prison Break, Chuck or 911 for more action and longer episodes. Some of my classic favorites are Frazier, Cosby Show and Tim the Tool Man.

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