Comic: Why Isn’t Anyone Painting the Rock?

Painting the rock is a tradition at Albion College to advertise for events, advocate for issues and generally inform campus. As time passes and the world moves on, the future world wonders why no one on campus ever repainted the rock after Homecoming (Illustration by Bonnie Lord).
The rock partially covered in white paint with “The Pleiad” painted on the front an “print!” painted on the base. Last night, the Pleiad staff attempted to fully cover the rock, but only some of the canisters worked (Photo by Bella Bakeman).
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Bonnie Lord is a sophomore from Alma, Michigan and is an environmental science major at Albion College. She investigates questions of infrastructure, water quality and the changing relationship the community of Albion navigates with the environment. She enjoys bird watching, reading, and dismantling the patriarchy. Contact Bonnie via email at

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