Opinion: A Single Person’s Guide to Solo Fall Dates

A sidewalk is covered in leaves on the walk to Biggby Coffee along Michigan Ave. Talking walks to Biggby Coffee is just one of many options for solo dates in Albion this fall (Photo by Rhiannon Slotnick).

Spooky season is fast approaching – and I have yet to find my boo. 

Don’t get me wrong, being single has its perks, but when most of your friend group is in a relationship or “situationship,” it can get really lonely. 

My roommate talks to her long-distance boyfriend every night, my suitemate sees her boyfriend every day and my other suitemate is going to a different state to visit a guy she’s not even dating yet! Meanwhile, I’ve been spending most of my free time in my room watching “Rizzoli & Isles” while eating mashed potatoes. 

While writing this, my roommate started listing all of the things she plans on doing with her boyfriend when he comes to visit during fall break. Thanks, Emily. 

I don’t have a car, which makes doing traditional fall activities a bit challenging. Even if I did, I have an immense fear of being behind the wheel, so unfortunately, I cannot go to a cider mill or apple orchard by myself. So, I’m forced to go to places on or close to campus. 

As we all know, Albion is a quiet town, which poses a question: What is there to do? 

Coffee and a Walk:

Well, an obvious answer is Biggby Coffee.

On a good day, I’ll walk myself down to Biggby for their mediocre iced coffee and a bagel. The walk is absolutely beautiful during this season. The brightly colored leaves and the way they fall on the ground makes me feel like I’m the main character in a cheesy romantic comedy. 

When I walk into the building, I feel surrounded by a sense of comfort. I’ve always loved the smell of coffee. My favorite thing to do is to look out the window, again, like I’m the plucky movie protagonist. 

When I go places alone, I usually have my headphones in. My new favorite Spotify playlist, “Enchanting October,” is filled with soft, sweet music that helps me see the beauty of the outside. I like to imagine scenarios for different people when I see them walk by; I’ll make up my own story for them.

Stargazing at the Whitehouse Nature Center:

Doing my best to live up to the vibe of a movie’s protagonist, I go and do a bit of stargazing out at the Whitehouse Nature Center. It’s a great pastime if you want to get out of your room at night, and it doesn’t cost any money. I love putting on my favorite sweatshirt and sweatpants and walking over. 

The walk itself is great. It allows me to spend time with myself and clear my head. I reflect on past friendships, wonder what I could have done differently to save them or try to get my mind off of a paper I have due.  

With how many times I go to the Nature Center, I’ve managed to memorize half of the zodiac constellations. I have an app called SkyView that I use to find what constellations are above the axis. Just this semester I was able to commit Capricornus, Sagittarius and Aquarius to memory.

In downtown Albion, you can do some entertaining things on your own, even if it doesn’t compare to the beauty of the Nature Center or the night sky. The Foundry is a relaxing, calming café, and though I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, even I have to admit that their brownies are to die for. Though I am a coffee fan, I haven’t gotten a chance to try theirs yet; I’ll save that for my next single date.

Pumpkin Carving and Spooky Movies:

Along with cozy flavors and bright colors, fall brings the added fun of the spooky season. One of my favorite Halloween activities is pumpkin carving; you can get a ride into town from Campus Safety to Family Fare to buy a pumpkin and carving equipment – maybe even a fake candle too. 

You could carve in your room or on one of the benches in the quad. Personally, I recommend carving in your room on a towel so you can have a Halloween movie playing; that will really get you into the holiday spirit. My go-to is always “Scooby-Doo! and the Witch’s Ghost.”

Drive Off-Campus for Coffee and Window Shopping:

If you really want to get off of campus, find someone with a car and have them drive you into Jackson. You obviously have to stop for a beverage of your choice at a café (a vanilla sweet cream cold brew at Starbucks is a great option) before heading to the mall. Once there, here’s the kicker: If you want to be alone, go off alone. You might want to tell your friend though; don’t just leave them hanging. 

Also, don’t forget your headphones – gotta keep that main character soundtrack going! Maybe you’ll finally experience the “meet cute” of your dreams and pick up a partner while looking confused in a Dickies or Bath & Body Works. 

Sometimes though, it feels nice to be alone.

I know people feel embarrassed to do things by themselves out of fear of being judged. Trust me though, no one cares! People do things by themselves all the time. 

My friends tell me I’m hung up on being single. Maybe I am, but not in the way they think. 

I like being single; I’m not out here getting cheated on. I do want to be in a relationship, but it’s not my main priority. I’ve learned to love doing things alone because living for yourself should always be the first priority. And it doesn’t hurt to spoil yourself either.

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Rhiannon Slotnick is a Junior from Detroit, Michigan. She is double majoring in English Literature Creative Writing and Sociology. She enjoys putting words on to paper for both work and for personal pleasure. If she's not writing, you can find her reading a book or stargazing around campus. You can contact her at rms15@albion.edu

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