‘Take Back The Night’ Brings Students Together in Support of Survivors

Students hold signs and march around campus in solidarity with sexual assault survivors. The Take Back the Night event was hosted on Thursday (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).

On Thursday, students gathered at the Kresge steps where Take Back The Night, a national event held across the country to take a stance against sexual assault and violence, was held. At the event, there were representatives from S.A.F.E Place, Counseling Services and Sexual Assault Service (SAS). While students filtered in, Laurie Hartman, the community educator for SAS said they provide many resources for students.

“We provide community support for survivors which includes a 24-hour crisis line, nurse examiners, a child advocacy center and educational presentations for all ages,” Hartman said. “It’s critical for survivors to have people specifically focused on them and that’s what we provide here at Sexual Assault Service.”

Shayle Campos, Battle Creek senior, led the event on the Kresge steps.

“Three years ago, I was asked by Kaydee Hall to lead the event and I have been doing so ever since,” Campos said. 

Sydney Rhodes, senior from Wooster, Ohio, helped organize the event with Campos. She said the event will continue next year, led by another leader on campus.

“We always want students to know there are resources and people who can help you or someone you know who is a victim of sexual assault or violence,” Rhodes said.

Before the students marched around campus with signs showing their support, Haley Hill, the previous victim advocate for the Anna Howard Shaw Center for Gender Equity, shared ways that students could come forward about sexual assault or violence they or someone they know have experienced. At the end of her speech, Hill sent students on their march.

“Soak up the joy of the day, and take back the night,” Hill said.

Rhodes, left, and Campos, right, start the night with a speech (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).

Hill stands on the Kresge steps, giving the final speech before the march begins (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault or violence, the numbers below will take you directly to 24-hour crisis lines. 

Sexual Assault Services: 888-383-2192

S.A.F.E Place: 888-664-9832


Editor’s Note: This article previously stated that this event was the third annual Take Back The Night celebration. That is untrue, and this statement has been corrected at 1 p.m. of April 20.

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  1. How is this the third annual Take Back the Night? I think they were doing this circa 1992 when I was a student.

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