Have to like for when if not then so how? Here that be for to do when person of laugh when so (Photo via Wikimedia Commons).

(Part of The Plebian: April Fool’s Edition)

Have you in a position where both ever you and the first way you went out has caused you to believe there can’t more to the other person involved thoughtfully? 

Obviously without intent to give the feeling that connected but without one at first there can’t be. Supposedly afterwards causing strain on said but there won’t typically anyone. But if given both and there on out where would you do?

 When there isn’t much for and you see given too much of what happened gratefully speaking only from. I don’t know if choosing so but if there begins avoiding information. Information from more or not passing out from of what said there whether. 

You would find but finding out there won’t be more. Thank those for the first time this morning and thank goodness i got it. But only one day is that good for sure. Trust that we can surely give but you need anything else from the article that is certainly present. Present enough to for encouraged without be has applauded. 

Of when for to here then if. What you doing? Said, my hotel to here for if entering unto there and play. For so to do if. From then when here. 

The ladder is what I go with, without the last you can wish but they bought only brightening what’s out. 

I speak to brighten but speaking first isn’t. Albion forgot there wasn’t but have you? We will!

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Cade Thomas is a third year student from Detroit, Michigan. He is a fine arts major that works as a freelance photographer during the summer. Contact Cade via email at

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