Photos: Library Hosts Mini Golf Event

Jana Rajab, Vienna, Austria sophomore putts between shelves, attempting to hit her ball into the third hole. At the mini-golf event, students were encouraged to play as many rounds as they wanted (Photo by Bella Bakeman).

On Wednesday, students in the Albion College library weren’t reading, studying or grabbing a bite to eat at Between the Grinds. 

Rather, they were playing golf. 

The Albion College library hosted its second annual mini golf event in the Mudd Basement. Outreach Engagement and Instruction Librarian, Jacob Hagan, said that mini golf in the library is something that a lot of libraries have been doing.

“We want to promote people coming to the library,” Hagan said, adding that the library staff “want to make sure people know that they belong in the library and they can have fun in the library.”

Hagan hopes that in hosting events like this, students will remember to come to the library when they need to study or need help as well – not just to play golf. 

Library student supervisor and Chicago senior Adriana Macias has worked with the library all five years of her college experience and believes that the library has continuously strived to be a place of community  – a third space.

“A third space is somewhere that is not class or work. It’s a common space,” Macias said. “Once you graduate and grow up, you realize that those spaces start to become less and less. I think the fact that the library is making an effort to make a third space is really cool.”

Amid the fun, however, somebody walked off with one of the mini-golf putters. Hagan asked that the stolen golf club be returned.

“And to whoever stole the yellow, rubber, mini golf putt-putter from the library services circulation desk – it would be greatly appreciated if you would return it. Thank you.”

Cesar Ramirez, Dallas senior commits to the shot as he bends over a couch to hit his ball (Photo by Bella Bakeman).
A student hits their ball through a mini golf obstacle course lined with bookends and an umbrella (Photo by Bella Bakeman).
Miles Newman, Rolesville, North Carolina sophomore, left, and Ramirez, right, play the first hole. “This is my first time playing mini golf. It’s like playing pool – but with golf,” Ramirez said (Photo by Bella Bakeman).
Newman hits the final shot into the hole (Photo by Bella Bakeman).
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