Photos: Campus Life Hosts Roller Rave, Celebrating Women’s History Month

Skaters stand on the fronts of their roller skates using their brakes to balance themselves. On Friday, the Office of Campus Life hosted a roller rave as part of their Women's History Month programming (Photo by Naomi Cloostermans).

Last Friday night, music was blasting as Albion College students rolled around Upper Baldwin at the roller rave event, hosted by the Office of Campus Life, in celebration of Women’s History Month. Elizabeth Netcher, assistant director of Campus Life, said that in honor of Women’s History Month, they played music only created by women. 

Events are hosted all month in celebration, including a few others prior to the roller rave such as etiquette 101, hosted by Alpha Kappa Alpha, and coloring and conversation, hosted by Alpha Kappa Theta. Upcoming events include silent disco night on Thursday in the KC stack from 6-9 p.m., women of color traveling museum in Upper Baldwin on March 24 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., and paint-by-numbers in the KC Loft on March 31 from 7-9 p.m.

Workers from Campus Life set up and took down the skating rink. Sisters from Delta Gamma volunteered to hand out the roller skates and some of them even joined in on the roller skating fun. 

Roller skates were lined up on the floor at the beginning of the event. As students entered the room, they swapped their shoes for skates (Photo by Naomi Cloostermans).
Members of the Delta Gamma sorority pose for a picture around the check-in table (Photo illustration by Naomi Cloostermans).
Students get the hang of their roller skates and make their way around the rink. “The ground is a little weird, but I feel like the carpet kind of messes it up a little, but it’s not too bad,” said Leslie Tovar, Dallas senior (Photo by Naomi Cloostermans).
John Valvo, Oxford sophomore, skates sideways, trying to keep his balance (Photo by Naomi Cloostermans).
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