Photos: ACE Celebrates Holi, the Festival of Colors

The Asian Cultural Engagement executive board awaits a shower of colored powder outside the umbrella house. On March 16, ACE celebrated the Hindu holiday, Holi, known as the festival of colors (Photo by Katherine Simpkins)

On March 16, the Asian Cultural Engagement (ACE) organization hosted Holi, also known as The Festival of Colors. The celebration took place at the Umbrella House, a multipurpose space where students of different cultures, religions and other backgrounds gather. Activities included face painting, caricature drawing, tote-bag designing, a photobooth, Indian snacks and the main event: the throwing of colors. 

Holi is a significant Hindu festival that celebrates the arrival of spring, the end of winter and the blossoming of love. In India, Holi is celebrated by the throwing of powder in an array of colors throughout cities, known as the “Festival of Colors.” 

Adrian Sanchez, a first-year from Dallas, Texas, said events like these are important on a college campus. 

“I think that cultural immersion as a whole is something we need as a society,” Sanchez said. “If you don’t fully participate you are never going to understand it, and every student should have the opportunity to experience it.”

ACE President Medha Mohan, a sophomore from Bangalore, India, was excited to share Holi with the campus.

“Holi to me means bringing out happiness in life and being with friends. Celebrating here with my support system means everything to me,” Mohan said.

Aadhya Mohan, a sophomore from Bangalore, India, added to what her twin sister Medha said.

“Being away from home comes with a lot of challenges like not being able to see your parents, not being able to eat the food or experience the festivals,” Mohan said. “Getting to celebrate here and show everyone our culture helps us miss home a little less. And we get to bring a different kind of happiness to campus, which is what the festival is about.”

Executive board members set Indian-themed food out for participants. Food included: Rasgullas, Gulab Jamuns, Samosas and Aloo Bondas (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).
ACE Executive Board members await their caricature drawing (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).
Adrian Sanchez, first-year from Dallas, paints a tote-bag (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).
Dallas seniors and Union Board members, Carlos Paniagua-Emiliano and Cesar Ramirez, get ready for the throwing of colors (Photo illustration by Katherine Simpkins).
Egshiglen Batjargal, a sophomore from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, smiles while grabbing green powder to toss in the air and celebrate the holiday (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).

Colorful powder flies as ACE members and other students end their Holi celebration with the long-awaited main event. At the center of it all is the executive board who put the celebration together (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).

Bella Bakeman contributed reporting to this story.

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