Who Says College Students Are Too Old to Play With Lego? Innovation Lab Hosts Lego Contest

Mudd Library’s Innovation Lab employee, Shannon Barba, Albion junior, created a Lego version of one of Van Gogh’s famous paintings, “The Starry Night” (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).

Throughout last week, the Innovation Lab in Mudd Library hosted a Lego building competition which allowed the Lego lovers of Albion College to bring out their inner creativity. Students tapped into their inner child and played with Lego to create unique and creative designs as a way of expressing themselves. The competition was a way for students to take a break from work and create something fun. 

Another student, Jose Garza, a senior from Dallas, named his Lego creation “4×4” for the competition (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).
A side by side visual of Van Gough’s painting, “The Starry Night,” in Lego version designed by Barba (Photo illustration by Cynthia Ramirez).
Albion College student, Camila Tapia, first-year from Katy, Texas, won the Lego Competition with her creation of a “Fish Tank” using different Lego materials to bring it to life (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).
Albion College Dean of the School for Public Purpose and Professional Advancement Dr. Ashley Woodson, expressed her inner creativity through Legos creating, “Cooling Runnings” (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).

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