Photos: Asian Cultural Engagement Hosts Celebration of Lunar New Year

Taiko Drummers perform traditional drumming to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The drummers provided entertainment at ACE’s celebration (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).

Thursday evening, the Asian Cultural Engagement (ACE) organization hosted a Lunar New Year Celebration. The KC stack was decorated to illuminate the night, including a Taiko drummer performance, Asian-inspired food and calligraphy. There was also a photo booth featured, along with multiple presentations about the various ways that international students celebrate and interpret the Lunar New Year. 

Lunar New Year is a celebration of the arrival of spring and the beginning of a new year on the lunisolar calendar. Based on moon phases, Lunar New Year presents a fresh start to the year and the renewal of prosperity, happiness and health.

Maggie Vongsa, a first-year from Elkhart, Indiana was excited to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

“I appreciate this because I, myself, am Laotian mixed Chinese, and never got to celebrate Lunar New Years back at home,” Vongsa said. “Being able to celebrate it here on campus with other people that appreciate the culture is really nice.”

ACE Vice President, Trang Tran, sophomore from Hanoi, Vietnam said it doesn’t take much to celebrate the new year.

“You don’t have to celebrate (using) our traditions, just taking time and wishing a happy new year to your family is enough,” Tran said.

Owen Poling, sophomore born in Laoling, China, raised in Lancaster, OH, shared similar sentiments.

“You can always experience our Lunar New Year. You are always welcome to experience our food and our culture,” Poling said.

Nomin Bilegdemberel, sophomore from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia steps away from the fun to show support to fellow student and friend, Trang Tran (Photo illustration by Katherine Simpkins).
Leone Macharia, a first-year from Nairobi, Kenya, poses with a “Happy Chinese New Year” sign in the photo booth (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).
A calligraphy station, hosted by Albion College’s Art Club, displays various symbols for students and faculty to use (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).
Students wait in line for food from the Asian-inspired buffet (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).
ACE’s executive board poses after a successful celebration (Photo illustration by Katherine Simpkins).

Professor of physics Demian Cho from Seoul, Korea, presents to the audience about his traditions and even cracks a few jokes (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).
Students, faculty, and community members gather in the KC Stack to celebrate Lunar New Year (Photo by Katherine Simpkins).
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