Photos: Students for Reproductive Justice Host Second Annual Sexual Wellness Fair

Students visit various booths at the Sexual Wellness fair. The fair was held in the Science Center atrium where students visited different co-sponsored booths promoting sexual wellness (Photo by Sydney Gartman).

On Thursday, Albion students played games like Pin the Dick on the Dick and Menstrual Cup Pong at the second annual Sexual Wellness Fair, hosted by Albion’s Students for Reproductive Justice. The fair, which took place in the Science Center atrium, was SRJ’s largest event of the year. Planned Parenthood, Sexual Assault Services of Battle Creek, the Calhoun County Health Department, Diversability, Albion College Democrats, LGBriTs, IFC, WGSS Committee, Anna Howard Shaw Center for Gender Equity and the Center for Sustainability and the Environment co-sponsored the event.

The fair featured multiple booths centered on sexual wellness education. During the event, students collected safe sex materials and sexual health pamphlets while playing party games with an SRJ twist.

In conjunction with the Sexual Wellness Fair, the college also held a moment of silence during the event for the victims of the Club Q shooting, which took place recently in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Students and faculty hold a moment of silence for the victims of the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Photo by Sydney Gartman).
Albion College’s Active Minds Chapter offers free condoms and resource packets to passing students (Photo by Sydney Gartman).
Albion College Democrats run the game “Pin the Dick on the Dick.” The objective is to pin the cutout of a penis on an anti-abortion politician’s picture while blindfolded (Photo by Sydney Gartman).
Natalie Hackett, Pinckney freshman, and Mya Kraut, Davison freshman, play SRJ’s Menstrual Cup Pong. “I appreciate the acceptance and normalization of women’s reproductive system on my college campus,” said Kraut (Photo by Sydney Gartman).
The Calhoun County Health Department’s Choices Clinic table features Nurse Practitioner Michelle Thorne and Program Support Specialist Andrea Aguilar. The table consisted of free condoms, lube and other materials to promote safe sex, along with information on the services the clinic provides (Photo illustration by Sydney Gartman).


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