Photos: Albion Students Wrap Gifts for Annual Adopt-A-Family Event

Jimmy Story, junior from the Upper Peninsula and an Alpha Tau Omega member, wrapped presents with other members of his fraternity (Photo illustration by Cynthia Ramirez).

Unfortunately, a number of families in the Albion community need help during the holiday season. With this in mind, the Student Volunteer Bureau opened up an opportunity for any fraternities, organizations, alliances and clubs to help out said families in need.

On Monday each group was assigned a family to buy and wrap gifts for.  

Students gathered in the Science Center Atrium to wrap gifts and celebrate the holiday season by giving back to the Albion community.

Students in the Science Atrium gathered together with their groups as they were wrapping gifts to help out families in the Albion community (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).
The Sigma Chi fraternity chapter of Albion posing with their brothers as they wrap up their gift wrapping. (Photo illustration by Cynthia Ramirez).
Christmas gift decorations were displayed on a table in the Science Atrium for groups of students to use as decorations for their wrapped gifts (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).
Albion’s Alliance of Black Brits pose photo before continuing wrapping gifts for their assigned family (Photo illustration by Cynthia Ramirez).

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