Opinion: A Single Person’s Guide to the Holiday Cuffing Season

During the holiday season, it seems like everyone is falling in love. If you also find it hard to meet someone to love during the holiday season, try living vicariously through your friends. It’s good enough (Photo via Wikimedia Commons).

Not only is December a month of winter holiday celebrations, but it’s also a month for celebrating love. I know, I know, Valentine’s Day isn’t until February, but from what I can tell, the holiday season is a popular season to spend time with your significant other. Whether it’s shopping together or staying in to watch a Christmas movie, love is a key factor in the holidays. 

I live with a couple, and it has definitely been fun to watch them grow closer, especially during the holidays. I’ve experienced them going on dates and served as their personal photographer. 

I enjoy being able to be a part of their relationship, and since I have never been in a relationship, it’s the closest thing I can get.

Since late last month, they have become even closer. Their anniversary has just passed, and they have really gotten into the romantic Christmas spirit. Buying matching pajamas, decorating our room and going on cute dates like ice skating have been some of the activities I’ve seen them do as of late. 

My roommate, Kalamazoo sophomore Lauren DeBat, enjoys the feeling of being in a relationship this time of the year. “I’m a lot more festive since I have someone to do all these activities with. It makes the campus feel cozier,” said DeBat.

Londyn Pachota, her girlfriend and South Lyon sophomore, agrees. Even so, Pachota said that there was also a bittersweet side. “Because we can only see each other on campus, we only have a few weeks to fit in all the activities that we want to do. It’s hard to do everything and it just feels like we’re doing a lot,” said Pachota. 

Since they live far apart, doing holiday activities is difficult during the break. But they make it work, and that’s what matters. 

Another one of my friends is celebrating her first Christmas with her boyfriend. She said she is excited to spend this season with her significant other. 

Wish I felt that way. 

Being in a relationship during this time sounds a little stressful, but because I have yet to experience it, I can’t make that assumption. A lot of my friends are either in relationships or have recently begun dating. I am still, as the kids say, uncuffed. 

I’m happy I am able to see them fall in love and be all lovey-dovey while celebrating the holiday. But I want to be able to feel the way they do. 

Sometimes it makes me a little sad. I love being able to spend time with my friends in relationships, but I wish I could be in a relationship during this time as well. 

Even with this feeling, I love watching cheesy romantic Christmas movies with a mug of hot chocolate. It gives me happiness and allows my helpless romantic heart to be full. 

Even though I am not in a relationship, I live vicariously through my friends and, frankly, that is good enough for me.

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