Photos: Union Board Hosts Fall Fest

A group of friends takes photo booth pictures at Union Board’s annual Fall Fest (Photo by Bella Bakeman).

On Friday, Union Board hosted a fall-themed event, Fall Fest, in Upper Baldwin. The event featured fall treats like cinnamon rolls, pumpkin cupcakes, hot cocoa and warm apple cider. Activities included photo booth picture-taking, cornhole, street sign creation and tote bag decorating. Throughout the evening students enjoyed the various activities with smiles on their faces.

Students laugh while taking photos in the photo booth (Photo by Bella Bakeman).
Owen Miller, Lancaster, Ohio sophomore drinks warm cider while playing cornhole with Albion junior Shannon Barba (Photo by Bella Bakeman).

Detroit junior, Ayaina Singletaly and Chicago juniors Classidy Scales and Teayah Garner pose for photo booth pictures, cracking themselves up in the process (Photo by Bella Bakeman).
Mason freshman, Leilani Casteele feeds Kearney Miller, Kalamazoo sophomore, a cinnamon roll. Cinnamon rolls were one of the many festive fall treats offered at this year’s Fall Fest (Photo by Bella Bakeman).
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