Photos: Fine Dining at International Dinner

Teacher Assistants Oliver Herrle, Germany; Nour Alrobiai, France; Paulo Yanez Merchan, Ecuador; and Irma Osorio Pinelo, Mexico posing in front of the international dinner presentation (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).

I-Space and Modern Languages & Culture Department hosted the International Dinner on Monday night in Upper Baldwin. The International Dinner is a tradition that returned after shutting down due to COVID-19. Students, professors and staff were served with a special meal chosen by the native speaker teacher assistants. 

The native speaker teacher assistants come from different countries to help students learning foreign languages and reside in the I-space (formerly Fiske House) where they hold weekly cultural activities and language tables. Native Speaker Teacher Assistants also support the foreign language professors during their classes to complement students’ learning experience. 

Each of the teacher assistants gave a presentation on the special meal they chose and the reason behind it. The German, French, Mexican and Ecuadorian meals were prepared by Chef Zach Walrath, Albion’s campus chef.

Students, professors and staff eating the special meals served by Chef Walrath (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).
The special meals chosen by each of the native teacher assistants were placed on the table for students, professors and staff as an overview of the dinner options (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).
Corvina frita served with patacones, one of the three Ecuadorian meals that were served. The dish consists of fried fish with fried green plantains, served with a salad (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).
Alrobiai’s choice was Mirliton de Rouen – a French dessert made with an almond base (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).
French native teacher assistant, Nour Alrobiai giving a presentation on the French dishes she chose, providing background information on each French dish (Photo by Cynthia Ramirez).


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  1. Fantastic! As we all know, food is an essential part of culture! I am particularly interested in knowing what other Ecuadorean platos típicos were served. There are so many to choose from! I have been in Ecuador off and on for more than half of my life. (I’m there right now!) It is an excellent representation of South American culture. Bravo #Brits for your endeavors to dive deeper into cultural competence!

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