Photos: Drag Queens and Kings Perform in Kellogg Center

Albion College dancers line up during a performance at the Drag Show on Friday. The show was held in the Kellogg Center, and it featured two professional drag performers from the Grand Rapids area (Photo by Cade Thomas).

On Friday, LGBriTS and Union Board co-sponsored a drag show in the Kellogg Center. The event featured Grand Rapids-based drag performers Dymond Denae and Gabby Galore, while Albion College students performed as well.

By the end of the night, Galore and Denae had dollar bills tucked into their boots. Galore even said she had fallen in love with an Albion student.

Dior Love and Eric Pates, both juniors from Chicago, voguing during a performance together (Photo by Cade Thomas).
Love and Pates dipping in sync (Photo by Cade Thomas).
Gabriella Galore collects a tip from someone in the audience as she struts through the spotlight (Photo by Cade Thomas).
Galore performs a Galore-ious hair flip while she walks down the aisle (Photo by Cade Thomas).
Galore walks through the crowd (Photo by Cade Thomas).
Markita Brown, Flint Sophomore, joins Love on the stage at Drag Night (Photo by Cade Thomas).
Denae, a drag performer from the Grand Rapids area, parts the curtains in his sparkling yellow outfit (Photo by Cade Thomas).




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