Midterm Election Result Recap

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer speaks during a press conference in 2021. Whitmer defeated challenger Tudor Dixon in Tuesday's election – she will serve another term (Photo via Wikimedia Commons).

The 2022 Midterm Elections took place Tuesday, Nov. 8. Across the country, as well as here in Michigan, individuals went out to the polls to vote in favor of candidates and ballot proposals that represented their interests. 

In Albion:

Victoria Garcia-Snyder, Albion alumna, won her second term as Mayor of Albion with 1,247 votes (57%). Her opponent, Albion College alumna and former Chief of Belonging Officer, Keena Williams, would earn 906 (42%).

Within the state legislature, incumbent Jim Haadsma defeated Dave Morgan for the position of Michigan House District 44 representative, which includes Albion. Haadsma earned 16,007 votes (52.2%) while Morgan won 14,631 (47.8%).

In the US House of Representatives, incumbent U.S. representative Tim Walberg won the race against Bart Goldberg. Due to redistricting, Albion now resides with Michigan Congressional District 5. Walberg earned 196,498 votes (62.5%) while Goldberg won 109,549 (34.9%).


Incumbent Gretchen Whitmer defeated challenger Tudor Dixon for Michigan Governor. Whitmer won with 2,427,962 votes (54.5%) while Dixon earned 1,958,289 (43.9%).

Incumbent Jocelyn Benson won a second term as Michigan Secretary of State running against Kristina Karamo. Benson won with 2,465,190 votes (55.9%) while Karamo earned 1,850,346 votes (41.9%).

Incumbent Dana Nessel defeated Matthew DePerno for Michigan Attorney General. Nessel won with 2,326,838 votes (53.2%) while DePerno earned 1,950,019 (44.5%).

The Michigan Supreme Court had two seats up for grabs. The two candidates who earned the most votes out of the five total candidates would earn those seats. Incumbents Richard Bernstein and Brian Zahra defeated candidates Kyra Harris Bolden, Paul Hudson, and Kerry Lee Morgan in the general election. Bernstein won the most votes, 2,117,992 (33.9%) in his favor. Brian Zahra came in second place with 1,491,506 votes (23.9%).

There were three ballot proposals that would amend parts of the state contitution. Proposal One would require certain disclosures from elected officials to ensure no conflict of interests, as well as modifying the term limits of state legislators. Proposal Two primarily focuses on elections and voting rights issues. Proposal Three is the one that saw the most discussion; it would make reproductive freedom a right that is protected by the state constitution. 

All three ballot proposals passed.

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