Photos: Kreepy KC Halloween Costume Contest Awards Creativity and Creepiness

Costume contest participants pose for a picture in the KC living room while waiting for the winner to be announced. The Kreepy KC Costume Contest was held in the Kellogg Center on Friday (Photo by Naomi Cloostermans).

The Kreepy KC Costume Contest, sponsored by Campus Life, Community Living and the Office of Integrated Wellness was hosted on Friday. Students were encouraged to wear either their most creative or spookiest Halloween costume to compete for  candy and a coffee mug. Once the competition was over, two winners were picked. Bonnie Lord, Alma first-year, won most creative costume and Vincent Miller, Austin sophomore, won spookiest costume.

Bonnie Lord, Alma first-year, reveals her handmade Halloween costume, a representation of the entire era of the Cambrian explosion. “I came up with this costume from watching Bill Wurtz’s ‘History of the Entire World’ because I think it’s funny” said Lord. (Photo by Naomi Cloostermans).
Lord shows off her Cambrian explosion costume. “What if I dressed up as the entire era of the Cambrian explosion?” (Photo by Naomi Cloostermans).
Vincent Miller, sophomore from Austin, reveals his Halloween costume. Miller is dressed up as Tate Langdon from “American Horror Story.” Miller said he “came up with this idea because I’ve always loved American Horror Story and Tate has some of the coolest makeup and I think it’s iconic,” (Photo by Naomi Cloostermans).
Leslie Rivas, Houston first-year, reveals her Halloween costume: Hannah Montana. “I want to see if I could try to recreate it and I found all the pieces and I was like I have to do this now,” said Rivas. “I feel like my costume should win because it’s a childhood memory everyone grew up with. It’s a nostalgic feeling,” (Photo by Naomi Cloostermans).
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