Photos: Fall Colors Cover Campus

Vivid yellow flowers blooming on the quad. Albion's campus is aglow with autumnal colors (Photo by Cade Thomas).

During Autumn, transitional colors take over Albion. Shades of red, yellow and orange glow throughout the campus and the city.

A bright red tree near the Kellogg Center (Photo by Cade Thomas).
Reds, yellows and oranges outline the paths through the quad (Photo by Cade Thomas).
Sunlight glimmers down on foliage near the entrance of the Kellogg Center (Photo by Cade Thomas).
The variety of trees in front of Vulgamore Hall as seen from East Cass Street (Photo by Cade Thomas).
Orange and green hues from the leaves break through the soft blue skyline (Photo by Cade Thomas).
A vibrant orange tree near Michigan Avenue (Photo by Cade Thomas).


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Cade Thomas is a third year student from Detroit, Michigan. He is a fine arts major that works as a freelance photographer during the summer. Contact Cade via email at

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