Review: A Thunderous Applause for a Silent Sky

A sign on campus adverstising "Silent Sky," the newest play by the Albion College theatre department (Photo by Aidan Ryan).

With the semester finally beginning to steady itself after a rather eventful start, it is inevitable that activities would be plentiful.

One of these activities is the theater, which put on a showing of the play “Silent Sky,” directed by Albion College student Elena Mourad, Woodbridge, VA Junior. 

The play goes into detail on the life of Henrietta Leavitt, who is played expertly by Kat Voogd, Marquette Sophmore. Henrietta, who was born in the small town of Lancaster, MA, leaves her family behind to become an astronomer at a time when women were looked upon as incompetent. 

Despite the challenges she faces, she isn’t alone. Along with other female workers, they are tasked with being the “computers” – or researchers – at the Harvard Observatory. Over time, she is consumed by her work and passion for astronomy which culminates in a discovery that changes the field of astronomy forever. 

When going into this, I didn’t know what to expect due to it being the first time I had seen a play in Albion. It was an enjoyable experience, to say the least. Despite the small cast of only five characters total, each performance was nothing short of stellar. Even more so due to the help given by Dr. Nicolle Zellner, one of Albion’s Physics Professors who provided historical context and accuracy.

I’d encourage you to go down to the Herrick Theatre to give the show a watch, regardless if you are a fan of history, astronomy, or neither. The show opened on Thursday and had four shows over the weekend. “Silent Sky” will be running three more shows this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

 After exiting the venue, I look at the night sky a little differently now. Perhaps you will too.

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