Tasty Wagon Opens for Season, Ready to Serve Albion

Tasty Wagon, an American-style food truck, is open for business. The food truck opened in 2020 and has since been serving the Albion College students, faculty and staff and the Albion community. Tasty Wagon owners, Marcus Hall and Teatrice Williams, are dedicated to providing for the college and community (Photo by Morgan DeRose).

Tasty Wagon is open and ready to serve college students and the Albion community. 

Located on Michigan Avenue, Tasty Wagon is a family-owned food truck that prides itself in serving comfort food. Items on Tasty Wagon’s menu include wings, burgers, a Philly cheese steak sub and jalapeño peppers.

Tasty Wagon is owned and operated by local Albion couple Marcus Hall and Teatrice Williams. Hall and Williams were inspired by their son and his friends to create Tasty Wagon. 

“My son is an Albion College graduate and we’ve always cooked a lot, so he and his friends would always come over and ask my husband to cook wings and things like that,” said Williams. “As they did that, they liked his food and they said, ‘you need to start something here,’ and that’s kind of what happened with Tasty Wagon.”

Though Tasty Wagon is able to operate in places throughout the state, Hall and Williams often opt to remain in Albion.  

“We can go anywhere in Michigan pretty much, but stay in town more often because our customer base is here,” said Williams. “We are able to travel and we have done some events and catering, but we try to stay local because our community really depends on us being here.”  

Hall and Williams enjoy operating the truck and interacting with Tasty Wagon customers. They plan to expand upon Tasty Wagon. 

“My favorite part of having the Tasty Wagon is making people happy and seeing people smile,” said Williams. “We want to do some development. We want to grow and have more staff. I know in the future we want a deck out and to have entertainment as well. We want to be some place where both community members and students can go to have comfort food and fun in a safe environment.”

Tasty Wagon owners are invested in being a part of Albion College and the Albion community. 

“We are a family business that is here to serve the community and to serve the college,” said Williams. “I want the community to know that we are here to stay and we are here to serve.”

This dedication to Albion has not gone unnoticed by college students.

“Aside from the amazing food Tasty Wagon offers, I really enjoy talking with the owner about his motivation for opening,” said Ray Massa, Farmington senior.  “I could tell he really cares about the community of Albion and seeing it grow.”

Tasty Wagon is open Tue through Sat with varying hours of operation.

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