Albion College Tennis Teams Get First MIAA Win of Season

One of Albion's College tennis courts located at the Dow. The courts are the location where both of the tennis teams play matches and practice (Photo by Madison Wycoff).

Rackets whack tennis balls against the courts and over the short net. Albion College’s men’s and women’s tennis teams seasons are still going on. The men’s tennis team season so far has a score of seven wins and six loses while the women’s tennis team season has a score of two wins and 10 loses. 

So far in the season, the greatest victory for both of Albion College’s tennis teams were their matches against Olivet College on April 2 at Minges Athletics Club in Battle Creek. 

For the women’s tennis team, there were three sets of doubles. The first pair of doubles for the team was from Breh Ruger, Battle Creek junior, and Katie Valade, Novi senior. The second pair of doubles was Josie Dunn, Rochester Hills first-year student, and Saige Jost, Ann Arbor senior. The last pair of doubles played for the team was Ellie Debo, Bay City senior, and Savannah McDonald, Schoolcraft sophomore. Jost, Valade, Ruger, Dunn, McDonald and Alura Reed, Oxford sophomore, played for the womens’ singles matches.

The men’s tennis team also played sets of doubles. The first pair of doubles for the team was Brett Gurzell, Rochester Hills junior, and Drake Malcolm, Ann Arbor sophomore. The second pair of doubles was Danny McGarry, Macomb senior, and Patrick Smoker, Kalamazoo senior. The last pair of doubles was Cecil Burkhart, Albion senior, and Michael Polizzi, Detroit sophomore. Gurzell, Malcolm, McGarry, Polizzi, Smoker and Burkhart played for the men’s singles matches. 

All of the players won their matches against Olivet College ending the game with a total score of 18-0. 

Winning by a landslide both Albion College tennis teams  won their first MIAA conference victory for the season. 

“We have great team chemistry and culture, and our leadership from team captains has been phenomenal,” said Kacie Miller, director of tennis. 

 Miller pointed out standouts singles from the men’s and women’s tennis teams. The standout singles from the women’s team were Jost, Valade and Ruger. The standout singles from the men’s team were Gurzell, McGarry and Malcolm.

The tennis season is not over and matches are yet to be played by both teams.

Both teams will face Alma College on April 24 with the men’s team starting at 11 a.m. followed by the women’s team starting at 2 p.m.. The last match is on April 27 at 4 p.m. where both teams will play against St. Mary’s College. Their last match is a scrimmage match at home.

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