Photos: OLA Hosts “Squid Games” Event

A student carefully unwraps a Mazapán candy out of its package. In the first game of OLA's Squid Games, the challengers had to open and take a Mazapán out of its package without breaking the candy (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

On Friday afternoon, the Organization for Latinx Awareness (OLA) hosted their first event of the year. This event, sponsored by Modern Languages and Cultures (MLAC) and the Ethnic Studies Department, was their version of the Squid Games, based on the South Korean survival Netflix drama of the same name.

The OLA Games consisted of five games instead of the original six featured in the Netflix series. The first game was trying to open a Mazapán, a small Mexican candy, without breaking it in under a minute.

The second game was Mar o Tierra, which translates to “Sea or Land.” The host calls out “Mar” or “Tierra” and then players have to jump to that side that is called.

The third game played was tug of war, in which two teams pull on opposite ends of a rope.

The fourth game played was Pares o Nones, which translates to “even and odds.” In this game, the host calls out “even” or “odd,” and then waits five seconds before turning around. If the players did not find someone to group up with that was either an even or an odd, they were eliminated.

The sixth and final game was musical chairs, and the last person standing won the grand prize.

In “Mar o Tierra,” the challengers had to step on the side of whichever word the host called (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
From left to right, Cristian Morales, Chicago junior, Jennifer Cortez, Chicago senior and Tanya Jagdish, Bangalore, India senior, were one of the winning teams for Tug of War (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
Brandon Harrell, Detroit sophomore and Cortez get ready to run across the line to win the game in “Pares o Nones” (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
Kristina Dolgacheva, Ann Arbor first-year sits in the same chair as Cortez as challengers frantically try to find a chair as the music stops (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
Cortez was the last person standing and won the grand prize. The grand prize was a Squid Games stuffed animal, a plastic piggy bank and a twenty dollar Amazon gift card (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
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