Photos: Snowmageddon, Albion Receives Massive Snowstorm

Students locked their bikes on the rack in front of Baldwin and now they are almost completely buried with snow after a storm on Wednesday. Albion and its surrounding areas received around 9 inches of snow (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

On Wednesday night, southern Michigan received a huge winter snow storm. Some spots in Michigan were projected to get up to 14 inches of snow. The nearby town of Jackson received an estimated nine inches of snow. The cold temperatures and amount of snow made for some beautiful and interesting visuals around the Albion campus.

So much snow piled up on some of the trees that the branches started falling down (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
Branches and leaves were frozen solid on the trees around campus, including this branch outside Olin Hall (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
Berries on the trees outside of the Kellogg Center also started to individually freeze over (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
Benches around campus were also almost completely buried with the huge amounts of snow that piled up (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
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Patrick Smoker is a senior from Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is majoring in Geological Sciences with a minor in GIS. In addition to being a photographer for the Pleiad, He also plays tennis for the men’s tennis team.

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