Albion Alum Returns to Work for Counseling Services

El’verson Mitchell ‘20 alumnus, is a new hire for counseling services. Mitchell is going to hold the role of mental health counselor and clinical therapist for Albion’s counseling services department. According to Mitchell, he is excited and optimistic about his new position (Photo courtesy of El’verson Mitchell).

El’verson Mitchell, ’20 alumnus, has returned to campus to work as a mental health counselor and clinical therapist for counseling services. 

While studying at Albion, Mitchell majored in psychology, minored in sociology and anthropology and completed a concentration in human services. Following graduation, Mitchell attended the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work. He completed the program in 16 months and now holds a master’s degree in social work.

“I pursued a pathway focused on interpersonal practice in integrated health, mental health, and substance use,” said Mitchell, via electronic communication.

Mitchell is also certified to work in K-12 schools. 

Mitchell is looking forward to many aspects of his new counseling service’s position. Most specifically, he is excited to have the opportunity to impact Albion students. 

“I look forward to being a part of Albion College students’ journeys towards growth and healing,” said Mitchell, via electronic communication. “I look forward to being able to create the best educational experience for each student, experiences centered around students’ goals, beliefs, and preferences.”

Mitchell aims to become more involved in higher education. He also hopes to be respected by members of the Albion community. 

“Once I get settled in my new position, I would also like to get involved in the different avenues that higher education has to offer,” said Mitchell, via electronic communication. “Most importantly, I would like to gain the respect of students and colleagues on campus by building positive and professional relationships.”

While attending Albion, Mitchell utilized Albion’s counseling services department on a regular basis. 

“When I was a student at Albion College, I attended weekly counseling for individual services, and it really played such a critical role in making me who I am today,” said Mitchell, via electronic communication. “It also influenced the therapist I want to be and will help me to serve each student the best I can. ”

All in all, Mitchell is extremely excited about his new position.

“I still can’t wrap my head around it, but I can dig it,” said Mitchell, via electronic communication. “During my time as a student at Albion, I can remember doing amateur therapy sessions in my room at Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, at the time with friends and students that I would randomly come across. I am also one of the dopest therapists on the planet.”

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