Cutler Center Hosts Free Coat Program for Students

The Cutler Center for Student Success is on the first floor of Stockwell Library. Students can reach out to the Cutler Center located in the library to the first door to your right to ask for a winter coat or students can reach out via email (Photo by Cindy Avila).

Albion College’s Cutler Center has presented access to winter coats and boots for students as the winter season approaches and weather starts to transition colder. 

For the past five years, Albion College has provided 30 to 40 students who either come from financial need or warmer out-of-state climates accessibility to these coats in order to provide support for those who need it. 

“What we typically do is email students who are from warmer parts of the country or warmer parts of the globe and let them know if they need help finding a warm winter coat they could stop by,” said Chris Berry, assistant dean and associate director for the Cutler Center. 

The process of reaching out for and receiving winter gear can be done by connecting with someone in the Cutler Center.

“Lots of students are already connected to somebody in the Cutler Center, but if they’re not they can just stop downstairs and talk to an agent or Cutler staff member and then we show them the coats that we have,” said Berry. “If there is not one in there size then we will get it but for the most part students can just grab a coat and go the same day they come in.”  

Melissa Garcia, Venice, Calif. senior, appreciates the program. 

“I think it’s great that they’re pushing this to help students,” said Garcia. “Especially for out-of-state students who have to assimilate to this new environment and climate that might not know which kind of coats to buy that are meant for the winter or just the issue that coats can be really expensive and unaffordable.” 

Although Albion has provided winter gear to be borrowed for multiple years, this is the second time the program has been run by Cutler Center. 

“We have done this since the fall of 2016, so it used to be run by the Student Development Office,” said Berry. “We definitely have a better plan and organization this year.”

Having experienced the program in previous years, Garcia agrees.

“This year’s organization is much better in comparison to my freshman year where we were pushing for this,” said Garcia. “Now there is better organization and execution versus past years.”

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