Albion College’s Euphonics is ‘Back in Black’

Euphonics, an acapella group at Albion, perform on stage at the Kellogg Center Stack on Sunday. This was the first time Euphonics has been able to perform publicly for an audience since the COVID-19 pandemic began (Photo by Skylar McCrindle).

On Saturday, Albion College’s Euphonics performed live for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Euphonics is Albion’s only acapella singing group. The group hosts two performances every school year, one at the end of the fall semester and the other at the end of the spring. The group usually chooses a theme for their performances. For this concert, they opted for the theme to be ‘Back in Black.’ This was in reference to the group’s return to a live stage.

Mitch Wiltzius, Kingsford senior, throws fake hundred dollar bills with his face in the center to the audience (Photo by Skylar McCrindle).

Some of the songs performed as a part of the concert included: “Electric Love” originally sung by Borns, “Golden” originally sung by Harry Styles and “Dog Years” originally sung by Maggie Rogers.

The seniors had the opportunity to sing a solo of their choice. This was an aspect of the show that some members of the audience found to be especially sweet. 

“I especially liked how each senior was given an opportunity to have a solo and sing something that meant a lot to them,” said Kylee Haddad, a sophomore from Franklin. 

All of the performers dressed in black, but there was variation in their dress. The stage was decorated with huge letters spelling out the word ‘EUPHONICS.’ Nearly all of the seats in the audience were filled by Albion College students.

The concert had some unique touches not seen in previous years. For instance, fake one-hundred dollar bills were passed out during the “Bills, Bills Bills” by Destiny’s Child performed by Mitch Wiltzius Kingsford senior. The fake bills had a picture of Wiltzius in the center. Many audience members were quite amused by this.

“The euphonics concert was great, ” said Kirsten Kroetsch, Novi junior. “I loved all of the little bits of choreography, and of course the hundred dollar bills with Mitch’s face on them.”

Kaylee Peterson, Novi junior and concert MC, performs as the opener for the Euphonics concert (Photo by Skylar McCrindle).

Both of the concert’s MCs, Kaylee Peterson, Novi Junior, and Allie Garland, Battle Creek senior, introduced upcoming acts and performed during the show. Peterson was the show’s opener and Garland sang during intermission.

The performances of the MCs were one highlight of the night for Kylee Haddad, Franklin sophomore. 

“I really enjoyed the two MC’s performances on the guitars. I think that added depth to the concert as a whole,” said Haddad. 

Taylor Downs, Munising junior, shared a similar perspective. 

“I really enjoyed the intermission show by Allie Garland. It is amazing to see the sheer talent that some of our students have here at Albion,” said Downs.

The concert concluded with the current Euphonics members calling Euphonics alum to the stage. They then all sang and danced to “Faith,” a song originally sung by George Michael.

Caitlin Cummings, Chicago senior, performs a solo at the Euphonics concert (Photo by Skylar McCrindle).
Members of Euphonics pose following their performance (Photo by Skylar McCrindle).

Note: This article has been modified from its original publication with additional information. 

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