The Brit Season Three, Episode One: Strength in Leadership, A Talk With Student Senate President and Vice President

Since fall 2020, The Brit has been showcasing student voices and views to the Albion College community (Image by Morgan Derose and Caitlyn-Rae Arendse).

The Brit is a podcast that Morgan DeRose, Whitehall senior, and Caitlyn-Rae Arendse, Columbus, Ohio senior, worked hard to begin the summer of 2020. With Season Three commencing, we would like to bid goodbye to Morgan DeRose, who will leave her co-host position on this season of The Brit.

Note: This episode was recorded prior to the Fall 2021 Semester

Season Three, Episode One: Strength in Leadership: A Talk With Student Senate President and Vice President Elect

In this episode, The Brit co-hosts, Derose and Arendse, sit down with the Albion College Student Senate President and Vice President, Skylyr Zink and Samantha Brand, to discuss plans for Fall 2021 of their representation of the senate. Arendse and Derose dig deep and ask both leaders about their ambitions for their seats, COVID-19 protocols and difficulties they foresee for their senate terms.

Goals of The Episode

The goals of this episode are vast, and focus on Zink and Brand’s joint leadership goals for this school year. The Brit has aimed to question both leaders on their inspiration to run for this major position on campus and how they expect to handle any issues and/or challenges. Finally, we want to give students a way to access and hold our leadership to their elected and campaign promises.

Click here to listen to The Brit Season Three, Episode One.

Educational Resources

The Student Senate Website

Student Senate’s Student Organization Page

Student Senate’s Facebook Page

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Morgan DeRose is a senior from Whitehall, Michigan. While studying at Albion College, Morgan is pursuing a Communication major, Psychology major, and a concentration in the Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service. Morgan also plays on the Albion College Women’s tennis team and is an FYE mentor. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and going to the beach.

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