Munger Place Receives First Floor Remodel, College Partnership Underway

The new entry way and lobby area of Munger Place were remodeled over the summer. This area is a part of the first floor remodel that reached completion this week and is going to be the entrance to the offices of Summit Point clinicians (Photo by Morgan DeRose).

This past summer, construction began to remodel the first floor of Munger Place. Munger Place is an Albion College-owned building that houses both Albion student apartments and Oaklawn Medical Center. 

The first floor of Munger Place was previously the office of Stumpo Lane C D.D.S. before they moved. The office space is now set to be the new location of Summit Pointe clinicians, a 24-hour mental health clinic that has been operating elsewhere in Calhoun County. 

Albion College’s Office of Integrated Wellness and Albion College counseling sought partnership with Summit Pointe in hopes of being able to better provide support and resources to Albion College counselors and students.

“We are excited to include Summit Pointe in our integrative link of care in addition to the services we provide in the Office of Integrated Wellness and through Albion Cares,” said Raymond Barclay, the chief planning officer for Albion College, via email. “Providing our counselors with access to Summit Pointe clinicians will assist them in helping our students in severe mental health crises get the support they need.”

The relationship between Albion College and Summit Pointe is expected to be long-term. Both the college and Summit Pointe have plans for Summit Pointe programs and for future Munger renovations. 

“The College funded the initial renovation, but has established a long-term, ten-year lease with Summit Pointe,” said Barclay via email. “The lease will allow the campus to regain its initial investment while also enhancing a building it owns.”

The initial renovations to Munger’s first floor are expected to be completed this week.

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