Individual Responsible for Graffiti Removed from Campus

Since March 26, Albion College has been plagued with racist and anti-Semitic incidents on campus, and students have come together in the wake. The individual responsible for one of the incidents, that in Mitchell Towers, has recently been identified as a 21-year old Black male and has since been removed from campus (Photo by Savannah Waddick).

On Wednesday, the college identified the student responsible for racist and anti-Semitic graffiti in Mitchell Towers. The suspect, as reported by MLive, is a 21-year-old Black male, though no further information about the individual’s identity has been released at this time. The student was interviewed by a public safety detective and Ken Snyder, director of Albion College director of campus safety and associate dean of students. During this interview, the student admitted to creating most of the graffiti. Video evidence confirmed this.   

Prior to identifying the suspect, an email was sent out to students, faculty and staff on April 2 with regard to the incidents on campus. In this email, the college issued a statement saying that “The College is offering a reward of $1000 for information that leads to the identification of those responsible. The College will seek criminal charges against those involved, and if they are students, they will be immediately suspended.”

Since identifying the student responsible for the crimes on campus, the college has fulfilled its initial promises to remove the student from campus. Further actions will be taken pending the conclusion of the investigation.

“We have no additional information about the investigation at this time,” said Albion College President Mathew Johnson, via email. “The student has been temporarily suspended and removed from campus pending the full investigation.”

The Albion Department of Public Safety is working alongside Campus Safety in order to confirm that no other individuals were involved in the incidents. At this time, the college believes the student was acting alone in the graffiti found in Mitchell Towers. 

“We continue to collaborate with local law enforcement and the FBI on the investigation,” said Johnson. “The information obtained at this point of the investigation indicates that the individual responsible was acting alone, and law enforcement does not believe there is any ongoing threat to the community at this time.”

The college will keep the community informed on the status of the student and his actions as the investigation continues.

“We will continue to update the community as soon as we are able to share additional information,” said Johnson.

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  1. The INNOCENT students were being chaistized by the woke leadership of the campus for the better part of a week. Are woke leaders going to apologize to the students? Are the protestors who confronted innocent students on campus going to be required to attend anger management or face discipline for their behavior. No?

    Spare us the bromides.

  2. Why is the school admitting responsibility for racism where none exist. This is another case of an individual who has been raised to think that this is the way to get some recognition for themselves as is the way for the current generation who thrive on “likes” no matter who is affected. These school officials are to blame and will be to blame for all future events as they are not correcting this situation by permanently removing the individual. When you accept responsibility for that which is not your fault you are heaping praise on those responsible, and thus enabling others to follow in the same conduct. I am sure you would not allow your employees to do this, they would be fired and removed from campus permanently. So start acting like the leaders you are supposed to be and set an example to your students and staff that this type of blackmail will not be tolerated.

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